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Wife said "What is That?"

Wife said "What is That?"

After hanging with my CCH3 I would hang Three golf weights for as long as I can.
Wife comes home from work today and as we are talking about the day over a cup of coffee
on the Patio. I forgot that I had the weights on. The mistake was when I crossed by legs and my
pecker hanged out. She said whats that and I told her what they were and what for.
I said just in case we ever visit a Nudist Colony. Her answer was “I am getting more Crazy in my old age.”
She has no Idea about me Hanging 10lb.weights but just recently we sat down to view a VHS tape
on how to use the pump that I received from the (VA) veterans administration out patient for free, a $400.00
Item. I told her I got it to make her scream. LOL
I have better erections, night wood and more meat then before not bad for a 56yr old kid.
So now I don’t have to hide the golf weights and she looks as they swing in my shorts and now has a case of grabbing

Thank You Thunder


How great that your wife’s accidental look has brought your PE out into the open! Now you and she can just enjoy the ride to larger size together.


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4 x 4,

I’m almost ten years your senior, but I have a feeling your “misadventure” today is not far off for me as well. Very funny post!!


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Well, now that she found out about you hanging weights from your balls she shouldn’t think twice about you hanging weights from your dick. Its all good.

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