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Wife said "hey it feels longer"

Wife said "hey it feels longer"

Well all the work is starting to show. I didnt say anything…and my wife said she could tell I have grown.

Lately I can really see a big difference. I read a thread by someone who said they reached their goal with 5 minutes in the morning shower and I have to say that it is what works best for me as well. A few stretches and and some jelques, but not too tight a grip and well, it has been way better for me than the more intense route, by far.

Thanks for all the advice from you guys out there. Thanks Thunder.

Congratulations on the progress!

Wadboutme… How were your gains prior to the light routine? Would you consider yourself a hard gainer?

I ask because I am an exceptionally hard “gainer” and I have gone to a much less intense routine and believe that I will ultimately see gains (no measurement yet - but many more positive PI’s, etc.). I am beginning to suspect that many hard gainers are merely over-training their dicks even if they are only doing 15-20 minutes of jelqing every other day.

Hey Innova. I have started wearing a static extender device. Monkeybars. Its too early to tell as I’m only 3-weeks in but I think this may be the ticket to ride for hard gainers. No data to back this up just some veteran gut instinct.

What was the before and after NBPEL?


I also do my routine in the shower. Mainly in the mornings. I use a warm washcloth to warm it up, then I do a series of stretches, I.e. Up down left and right. Then I jelq for 200 strokes with the “ok” figure of forefinger and thumb. After I am done, I DO warm down again with a washcloth. I think my electric bill is going to be huge right?

I have the same problem; using too much water. The first week I did PE, I actually spoiled 4 times the average amount of water..

Now I really try to be warmed up enough with a little over 5 minutes, and the actual showering is reduced in time to have more water for the warm ups/downs.

Baywatch - Right now I use a penismaster modified to use the VacExtender head for attachment. My routine is to basically wear the PM/stretch around the waist at moderate tension (definitely < 2 pounds) for 10+ hours everyday and do 50-100 jelqs every few days. Are you keeping your usage stats and growth stats? I am and if all goes well will post my data in a few months (I too am only ~3 weeks in).

I agree completely that for hard gainers the low intensity (and possibly long time) approach is definitely something they should try, as wadaboutme’s inspirational results seem to support.

This will be interesting to see if it works.

I too have cut back to morning shower routine and some ads so let’s keep our fingers crossed

Sometime in 2005: Bpel 5.7, eg 4.3: 7/15/07 bpel=6.1, eg 4.6

Now bpel 6.50, eg 5.30 bpfsl 6.50

Goal bpel 7.0 - 7.5, eg 5.5

Less is more…

When i’m not gaining, I take whatever routine I am curenntly on and go 1 day on…1 day off; it almost always helps.

Congratulations Wad, I love hearing about stuff like this. I too, have had success with a light morning shower routine (10 mins).

Hi all,

I wasnt a hard gainer, I did well. Then I hit this bad plateau. I got it when I started training harder.
All the growth just ended. Then I went even harder and it got even worse. No big plump days…you know what I mean.

I had this theory that I was getting the same kind of feeling after a workout that I would get after orgasm. You know… turtling. Lesser erections.

So I took a break and then started up on the advice that I got off a thread here. Cant remember his name, but he said he had reached 8 x 6 by going 5 minutes a day for 4 years. Well I started and I believe this the best route for me. Now
I am getting these erection that last all night. Nice and plump and wife is happy. This is working for me.

Who else likes the slow and easy route?

It has been working for me lately.

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