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Why does size matter?


Why does size matter?

I was thinking today why do guys always have to do so many things to impress women? We go to gyms work our asses of, try to do this and that so that she would like us. Why is it that girls most of the time IN RELATIONSHIP don’t care that much? Same goes to PENIS SIZE. Why do girls complain your size is too small, yours is too big. Why don’t man complain you are too loose. I don’t know anybody who dumped a girl because she was too loose. They still liked her, but the problem is they got dumped because she was thinking they were too small (size of 6-7x 5-5.5) it was too small? Hey When last time I looked at penis sizes it is AVARAGE not small. I just can’t understand WHY MAN, so powerfull with their bodies and mouths can do things girls can but always lose wars with them DAMNED girls. Anybody has anything to say about that?

I think it is our constant worry and obsession about penis size that makes us so vulnerable. At least it’s the case for me.

One foot to go

I don’t know…I’ve been told that I am too big, yet I still think I’d like to be bigger. I have 22 cm x 16 cm and getting bigger. Women are strange! Some of them never seem to be satisfied or straight, some say they don’t care about size and then obvioulsly DO. I like having a big cock for ME. I love it when women comment or say it’s big. I want to please women but it’s not about them…it’s about me and how I want to feel and about My body. If you want a bigger cock, then enlarge and feel good about yourself. If she likes it, cool - if she doesn’t then she’s probably lying…

Personally I like the idea of being BIG. Not as much for her as for me. To me is seems like a win/win situation. If I’m big and she likes big, then everyone is happy. If I’m too big I get the pleasure of being told “You are just too big.” Then, being a woman, she complains to her friends….”He is a great guy, but his penis is just too big.” Then her friends get all curious, and start looking at my bulge and wondering how big I am…..then thy just can’t help but ask about it…….then thy want to touch it………suddenly I’m in my own Porn situation………WOO HOO!!

LOL……….just my little fantasy.


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No matter what all the women out there say:

A big cock is more attractive than a small one.

They automatically, when they see a big dick, try to picture themselves on it, touching it or using it in some form or other, for their own pleasure. Fine with me, even though I got the work cut out for me to reach my goal. The reason I’m saying this is because my current GF always says that size is not that important, but she likes the fact that I’m doing PE.

We watched a black porn movie over the weekend, one with Mandingo in it and several other super-hung studs. I watched her a little and she was very into it, trying to figure out how the women in that flick were able to take it all, since they were small chicks. The night ended upstairs, her being all over my dick. I can’t compete at all with those guys in the movie, but it showed to me that a big dick looks more promising to women, more pleasurable, if you know how to use it and not hurt the females with it…

Just my two cents.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Not only are we influenced by women along the way raving about big dicks and laughing about small ones , it seems to me its an instinct for us guys to want to be big. We start noticing other guys early on in school locker rooms because we are comparing our size to theirs. The feeling is always there that it matters.If it is an instinct than doesn’t that show a reason for wanting to be bigger—-it matters. Don’t instincts direct us in how to procede? If so, then PE is a logical addition to our everyday lives.

I just want to be able to feel that I’ve got a big one. I pretty much already do. And it feels sooo good =P

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

“Why does size matter?”

Bigger penis=bigger volume=more friction=more surface contact and stimulation.

My size issue first came up in high school gym in the showers, where a quick comparison revealed I was quite a bit smaller than most other guys. Of course this was flaccid size, and my cock is good at shrinking down to minimum. With women, I would say I was average erect and had no complaints either big or small. The reason I want it huge is just for me and my ego (and that shower thing) PE has not only made me larger erect, it has more than doubled my flaccid size, so, the ego has been soothed. The fear of public showers has been eliminated.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

We all want huge members and women want men who have them as well. My girl friend is careful about talking about big ones and size….but I know that it is important. As careful as she is about it…she still slips up with a unintentional comment from time to time.

But heres my input…I am working on getting big. But why don’t these women start working on their equipment instead of spending time making average men insecure?

Why is the girl with the loose vagina not reguarded like the guy with the little penis?

Symmetry. Try being 6’5” and 240 lbs. w/ 5.5” NBP… it’s humbling.

I got my fiancée to admit this morning that bigger is better. The “big cock” of her past seems to be around 8.5”x6.5”. Although she says sex with me is great (ie; I know how to handle myself), she says that a bigger guy who can handle himself feels better than a littler guy who can.

It’s not really upsetting to me, even though it sucks that I have a small penis, but all of us guys know this, and she just confirmed it.

So why does size matter? Because it does. When she talks about “his” penis she gets a smile on her face. Sure she gets a smile on her face when she talks about my penis too, but i’m sure it’s for a different reason :)

Starting: 5.75" EBPL x 5" EG 10/10/03 Current: 6" EBPL x 5" EG 11/6/03 Goal: 8" EBPL x 6" EG

Its been my experience, that even though every time I hook up with a woman shes had bigger, they are not unkind about it. I really think its not as important to a lot of women as it is to us guys. Still, it does matter to them and then there are some women it matters a lot to. The honest women that admit they like bigger aren’t saying average can’t be good, just that bigger is better. The women I’ve been with try to compliment me in some way— like saying anal was good, or saying oral was good. Well, that’s nice, but it’s not the complement I really want. It tells me size matters in intercourse. I’m thankful PE does work.

I am obsessed.

That has been going on my mind man are not small women are loose.

But really who honestly has got a reason for their (ex)Girlfriend that they have too small.

I think none, they dont say that.

Only if you are fighting they might say something about the size.

I have never had that but i remember when my friend was having fight with his girlfriend.

“Sä saatanan tuhkamuna! sä et ees vois tyydyttää mua tolla sun tulitikulla korvaan!”

Translated it goes something like this, “you fucking ashdick, you couldnt even satisfy me in the ear with your matchstick.”

After that was over he stormed out and i didnt see him in 2weeks, so i think that is the spot where the hits hurt.

Women have the power everyone knows that we looking good smelling nice tressing up nice is because PUSSY RULES THE WORLD!

You are its slave there is no running for that fact some just dont seem to understunt it.

If there were no women i would probably be a 150kilo smelling hillbilly midle of the city.

That would be live, but only like few hours.

We live to get it YOU JUST DONT SEE IT!

Looking to be a kiwi.


I’ve always been the “big brother” type and so many of my best friends in life have been females. On occassions when they’ve needed someone to talk to and opened up to me, they almost always say the same things that you’ve just said.

They wonder why bosses don’t respect their minds. They’re always on some diet or another because they never feel pretty enough. Sometimes they’ve been dumped by guys because they gained weight, or maybe the guy just found someone prettier to date. And some girls actually do fear going places alone at night because they see themselves as physically vulnerable (and I thought this was just in the movies! but no, some of them really do have that fear.).

I don’t think women win this war at all. I think both sides lose in their own ways.

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