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Who's Got the most girth on the board

Who's Got the most girth on the board

My EG is around 5 3/4” but it doesn’t seem that much. I want to know- How a chick acts when you lay 6 3/4” or 7” or may be 7.5” EG to her. Mainly for the single guys, because us married ones, they get to get use to it as it grows.

I finally told my wife I was PEing because she knows how I’m supposed to feel and how deep it can go. She has been talkin about going to the doctor the last few days because she thought she was getting a cist on the ovaries. She was cool about it, then the next night she tells me (my wife doesn’t cuss) “you keep on stretching that thing, but you can kiss my ass if you think I’m gonna be hurt and tortured during sex, so 6 months from now when I cut you off don’t get mad.” my reply ” I won’t do nothing but smile, if it gets that big”


Don’t get too depressed. I am up to 6.25 inches in erect girth. It has become fairly difficult fo me to penetrate my wife lately. It really takes quite a bit of lube and I have to go very slow so I dont hurt her. Thickness is great but it can take its toll if you are not careful. I know exactly from where you are coming from.


Just over 6 and no problems yet the wife loves it, she can’t stand the rest of me but that’s a different story. You just have to make sure she is ready I always have oral first I get her to the point were she is begging for it the other night she came when I was putting it in. I have found because of my length 7.75 I can’t pound away like I use to. This is a problem I’m happy to live with.


pumped up

I am only 5.75” EG also, but used a pump for years (not so much anymore since I discovered PE). Using the pump, I often pumped up to various girths (6.5-7.5”). I will tell you that when you get over 6.5” it starts to look really scary in my opinion and the reaction from women is funny. I have some women just about faint upon seeing a 7” girth. Still, I have always managed to squeeze it into the love tunnel (being slow and with lube on occasion). I found the real key to getting a super girth in there is by using your fingers a little during oral sex. If I had a “fatty” going, I would slip in one and then two fingers while giving oral. I found this to make it a lot easier by getting them a little loosened up before bringing the thunder. some women thought it was a little too much, but there were some women that really thought I was a god with the “fatty”.

By the way, I think if you get 6+” in girth the days of oral sex may be just about over. I have had some self-professed oral queens just give up after a couple minutes and say it made the jaw hurt. So keep that in mind. If you love BJ’s, don’t get too much thicker.


Doesn’t vaginal size adjust to a larger penis girth over time ?
It streches too.


She may get “used to it” over time, but the vagina does not permanently stretch out unless you were maybe pounding it every night. LOL!! The truth is that the vagina can stretch (i.e. they get a baby through there) but it does not mean that it does so painlessly.

Go a couple weeks without having sex with your lady and notice how freakin tight it is when you try to get it. Of course, the ladies that do the PC excercises maintain this nice tightness all the time and it is great. Even after a coup-le children, the vagina can be an amazingly tight little friend!!!


More on girth

Mine has gotten to the point that my wife can barely get her hand around to masturbate me.

It has really changed a lot of things. I have to be careful of the length too. at 7 and 7/16 bone press it is getting a little bit difficult for her to manage it since she is so small.

Well for now my girth is 6” uniformely on the shaft after the first inch from my pelvis. The first inch from my pelvis measures 6.25” around. None of the women I’ve been with recently can get their hand around it (ok 3 girls total). Oral hasnt been a problem yet either. Maybe those three women have big mouths? My ex wife on the other hand thought it was a bitch to give me head when I was 5.75” around (jaw problems). No problems with penetrating vaginas yet either. Then again…..I’m BIG into giving women oral sex as part of foreplay. I dont think I would miss getting blowjobs if I ever did get “too big” around. Honestly giving women oral turns me on more than getting even the best blow job. I’d also rather cum all over a girls face/tits rather than cum in her mouth….damn I’m just weird I guess?? LOL. Or maybe it’s everyone else.


what a guy

Geeezzz you guys really know how to make a guy feel small…. I have gained 0.2” and am a mere 4.6 EG. I would be THRILLED at anything over 5”. Pretty high bar around here. Oh well, I fully realize some guys are much smaller than I. It is all relative (and variable) and I fully intend on being at LEAST 5.5” :D

Ahhh we’re all different. I’m 28 years old, and I’ve saw one erect dick besides my own. I had the great idea to run the train on some gal when I was 17, that was a big mistake. I had no confidence problems before and never really thought my prick was very small. He went first, stuck his head around the corner and said I’m done (the room had two entrances, I came in one, and he went out the other). we’ll about the time mine got hard, he “forgot his underwear” that thing was huge, as big around as my wrist and as long as my forearm, NO SHIT !!! Needless to say there was no reason to try to impress her. That shit was all wallered out, I would have kicked her ass if she moaned for me. Well about six months later this other chick he was dating measured it —— drum roll——— 11 1/2” and this dude was white and skinny. I ain’t never been right since. So I came across PEing and mine will grow or he’ll be pulled off in the process. Well yall can laugh but “NO MORE FREAKIN TRAINS FOR ME, I LEARNED MY LESSON THE HARD WAY!!!!” 11 1/2” yeah I’ve jerked off, roll playing I had that Sausage Stick!!! Hell this dude stuck it to one little small girl (OF AGE) and this girls eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out. There was eye witnesses to that shit. I don’t need 11 1/2” but I could use a confidence booster.

You want a confidence booster?


I was laughing my freakin’ ass off all the way, while reading your post. But I totally hear ya’ !

Great one….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Big Future

There is always going to be someone with bigger dick or more money or better looking than you. But what really pisses me off is someone with a bigger dick more money and better looking!



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