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Who has the biggest penis here



Because when you have been on the forums for a long time with the same handle people start to know who you are. I know some people at my last job found I was on this board and the peforum, they never said anything but I soon saw in there in history on there computer that were visiting the forum and since I share a lot of my personal life it wasn’t that hard for them to figure who I was. I also know one or two old girlfriends that know I’m here chicks are very nosey my mistake was using my email as nick after I had already been using it as a regular email.


Also it’s a choice not a responsibility to post a picture, look what happen to you people started to question your size because you didn’t use a ruler.

At one time in my early PE days I did have a link to my yahoo account and I did have pictures up and than some kid that sounded 12 on the old peforums sent me a pm “thanks for the pictures, nice dick” and I took them down it just felt to weird like an invasion of privacy.

It’s a personal call on pictures!


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I meant big gainers have a responsibility toward newcomers for helping them with PE and prevent them from messing up. Even if they want it or not because newcomers will want to know their routines and will try them theirselves. Also for thunder’s place having some of the bigger members post pictures of themselves gives it more credibility. Of course it’s a personal call but the more the better IMO.

So anyone found a bigger one than RWG’s yet?

Good points, Dino.

Yeah, still has included some top pics, but that’s no reason to come down on others who choose not to. But if a guy is obviously making wild-ass claims (over 10” length or more than 7” girth), I think he kinda owes it to credibility to post a pic [think of those wild claims at LPSG].

I got into a heated debate about this over at DLD’s forums when a guy was claiming like 7.5” girth and posted a pic, but without a tape measure (which he flatly refused to do). I didn’t think his girth looked anything like RWG’s - and I don’t think RWG or still really accepted it either (hope I’m not misrepresenting their opinions, but it was the way I took it at the time).

In cases like that, put up or shut up.

agree with freewilly, dino, wad…

Saying that you have to post a pic to verify yourself is the modern day equivilent of Kinsey saying that he’ll only accept measurements that are not only marked off with pen/pencil, but also have the number typewritten next to it. It is like saying that we will only believe you if you have money to back yourself up.

I, personally, cannot afford a camera at the moment, nor will I be able to for at least another couple of months. Even when I get one though, I have other reasons why I would not post pics of myself, amongst which have already been stated by others.

This does not mean that I don’t measure up to my claims, and honestly, if I’m the only one who ever knew on here for sure, it would not bother me one little bit. I don’t owe anybody anything.

This forum is about growing dick. Absolute size doesn’t matter. “Who’s the biggest” has no meaning here.

To freewilly:

You asked about girth. I have a 7” EG, but alas 6.5”EL.

Well, feeling comfortable with posting one’s dick pic is not only about size but also about aesthetic aspects. Members possessing a large dick still might be reluctant to post a pic just because they estimate their dick as “not looking good” (Think of Lex Steele, would he like to post a close up of his rotten glans? :fie: )… or they just have such prominent birth marks on their dicks that they easily would be identifiable by their wifes/lovers/parents/urologists etc. as the “owner” of it :o

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Originally posted by kcee
To freewilly:
You asked about girth. I have a 7” EG, but alas 6.5”EL.

Nice one mate I am glad for you, but to be honest I would rather have a 6 inch girth then the 7 I have been dealt with. As IMO 7 is a bit too big for me and I would rather have a good blow job then have teeth marks on my nob. Now length on the other hand if I could exchange my 7 for a 9 x 6 or even a 8 x 6 that would rock lol.

I shouldn’t be complaining as there are a few lads that would kill for 7 or even 6.

7 x 7 1/2 NBPEL

Shooting for 8 x 7 NBPEL

If you don’t post a picture you can’t really back up your claim and if you do post a picture you might have people saying it’s fake. Or you could get shit for not measuring the right way. The whole thing is a tough call it’s sort of like getting a tattoo your stuck with your decision for the rest of you life. When I do reach my goal I would love to take all my pictures a put them in some order of date like LIL and yguy did and at that point either keep them for myself or post them. Who knows

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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