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Where do you grip?

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Where do you grip while manual stretching?

The glans (head)


Directly behind the glans (shaft)


.25”-1” behind the glans (shaft)


Other (please post below)

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Where do you grip?

Manual stretchers: where do you apply the primary grip (most pressure) while stretching?

When I do side to side or up and out I grip the glans.

But when I do BTC, I grip the shaft.

Hope this helps.


I did directly behind the glans for over 2 months but I thought that it was really putting a lot of stress on my glans. I recently switched to much further down on the shaft and I can’t really tell if it’s better. I feel that the skin is pulled much more with the lower grip so I don’t know if what I feel is more skin pull or better lig/tunica stretch.

Start (6/23/04): 7.25 BPEL X 4.75 EG As of (7/12/05): 8.00" BPEL X 5.00" EG Midshaft (5.25 base) Short Term Goal: 8.0 BPEL X 5.25 EG Midshaft Long Term Goal : 8.5 BPEL X 6.0 EG

I grip directly over my circumcision scar. I estimate that’s about 1.5” from the very tip. My technique is to gently pull the glans with thumb and index finger to get a good flaccid stretch. Then, while still pulling the glans with one hand, I pull back on the shaft skin with the other. When the skin is good and tight, I move the hand that’s pulling the glans back to my circumcision scar with a tight OK grip.

If I grip any closer to the glans I get these little, mosquito-bite-sized welts on my glans that cause the area around my meatus to turn purple for 2 or 3 days. Not very attractive.

I’ve also noticed that having my penis be dry is not as important as I once thought. Wet seems to work well too, as long as the wetness isn’t mixed with any skin oils or lubricant. I’ve also noticed that certain lotions (like skin toners) actually make the skin slightly tacky, which helps a great deal in maintaining a good grip. It may even work better than baby powder.

I try to grip further down but my hand always ends up right behind the glans.

I grip about an inch below the glans nowadays. Used to grab right behind the glans until I realized it was harmful. However, lower grip = more skin for uncirced guys like me, and thus I don’t really know if I’m getting more skin than lig. And Mugwomp, don’t you find it really annoying when you grip during stretching, yet your hand pulls forward and ends up right behind the glans anyways?

Thanks for the votes and responses guys. :up:

JumboDog, I used to experience the same thing (slipping grip) when I first started manual stretching. I never liked the pressure that ended up on my glans though, so I started gripping tighter and using stretching aids like a pair of gloves or simply some baby powder mixed with a little bit of water.

The reason I started this thread is to find out if many guys stretched by pulling on the glans. Thankfully that’s not the case. I was worried after seeing videos of a prominent PE guru who was applying way too much pressure on his glans. That’s a sure fire way to injure yourself. If you don’t believe me, be sure to read Horsehung’s situation/warning. Be careful guys!

Correction to my post above. I actually grip directly outside my circumcision scar (toward the glans), not directly over it.

Usually below the glans, but sometimes at the base doing a Uli.

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