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What have I done?!!!?

What have I done?!!!?

The other day i decided to shave the hair that grows on my penis - i used some shaving gel, and shaved in the direction the hair grows and also agains the grain. Now i’ve got a few red blotches and what looks like a white head. A red circle with a small white spot in the center. What do I do? Is this going to be cyst? Any advice is VERY VERY welcome…


First of all, don’t freak. Its a pimple. Sometimes when you shave areas that aren’t use to it, you will get those, it is more than likely a hair that is trying to ingrow. They are painful, but not serious. Use heat to draw it out and then it should go away. And as a suggestion, shave against the growth.

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Do what Sunny says.

In the meantime, soak the pimples in strong mouthwash, like Listerine.

Works great.

Look for a PM.

thanks Guys...

…following your advice seems to be helping! :)



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