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What does she need...

What does she need...

Many of us have not dicussed PE with our significant others; I for one am very nervous about telling the wife prior to realizing substantial results. But over the last couple of years I have paid attention to what size penis she would like the best. I believe my wife would prefer the girth over the length at this point. Simple observation during sex brought this to my attention. Some circular or grinding motions during sex really get her going leading my to believe girth matters more. She has not been with many guys and only with me since age 18 (we’re both 36 now), so I doubt she has much of a comparison point if I were to ask her. Right now, I am 7.5 BPEL and 5 EG. I am leery of shooting for girth first given the length/girth debate. But my PE efforts are 50/50, for me/for the wife. Has anyone else thought about what their SO prefers? If so, is that the direction you took towards PE?

I came clean with the wife after she noticed some changes. Shortly after that, she told me to stop becuase it was too big. She liked it better in it’s original form. At first I agreed and stopped PE. This lasted all of 3 days because I am addicted to PE. After much soul searching, I realized that there had to be a compromise here. I’m convinced that my wife’s protests came from a need to control things more than discomfort. She’s a control freak about everything in her world and here’s something that she thought was under control but no longer is.

This is my dick and I’m going to grow it bigger. I’m not going to hurt my wife, but she’s also not going to control my dick. I’m 7.5 BPEL and 6 EG which fits her just fine. I’ve measured her capacity with her favorite dildo and know that she can handle another 1/2 inch in length.

Bet you can’t guess what my final goal might be. :)

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Originally Posted by SS
Right now, I am 7.5 BPEL and 5 EG. I am leery of shooting for girth first given the length/girth debate.

I am in your situation. I am about 8 BPEL and 5.25 girth (just gained that .25). My goal is 9 BPEL, but I need some respectable girth! I have stopped working length for now and am just doing girth until I get to 5.5 at least. 7.5 is a good length. If I were you I would do girth until 5.5, which your wife should like.

SS, your length is way above average and is fine. You might even gain a half inch in length doing girth exercises. Concentrate on girth. Jelqs, squeeze jelqs, Uli’s,…Even try clamping if you are so inclined.

BTW, my wife is the same way. At a tad over 8 1/4, she no longer likes length and want’s the girth. If I can achieve 8 inches girth, that would be just fine for her. The clamping is showing positive results so far, but until I give it a good 6 months or more, I’m not ready to claim it as the Holy Grail of PE.

Good luck.


Just a thought for some of the married guys.

If your wife is not only content with your size, but admonishing you not to do more,why continue? What is the motivation, and who are you trying to impress?

For some women there is such a thing as “too much.” I’m not especially large length wise (7 1/8 NBP) and a little more than average girth (6 5/8 mid shaft /7 approx base), but I have noticed that for some women sex is painful, or at least not as enjoyable as it could otherwise be. For some I’m sure they might wish for more. But with my last GF especially it was hard to have sex more than once or twice and then she became too sore.

If you were still dating I could see the motivation, but why ruin an already good thing.


Most guys PE for themselves married or not, and your stats are way above average your girth is huge

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Maybe because I’m tall it never felt that way to me. A lot of it is just self perception.

And I’m not criticizing the guys that continue, just asking a question that may perhaps may lead them to question their own motivation. Too big is relative to the female, and if their wives are reaching the point of sex becoming uncomfortable, they may be risking more serious damage to their relationships than is warranted by the mental thrill of a large member.

Not only may she stop enjoying sex (not much use having a cock you can’t use) but may begin to resent his getting it to that point (it’s not something she came into the relationship knowing in advance). Wouldn’t it be ironic if she had to go find a guy with a smaller dick to satisfy her.

I am a little above average height, at 9’ 11”…

Jersey, who are you kidding with that “a little more than average girth” thing! Your girth is way above average!

Your point, however, is well taken. I understand the importance of doing things for oneself, but in a committed relationship, some compromise and understanding are necessary.

Jersey, Dino is exactly right. Even if my wife is content with my size, I am not. I PE for me, not for her or you, or anyone else. She just benefits from my labor.

BTW, at your size, why do you do PE? You have stated that women you have had sex with says it hurts. What is YOUR motivation and who are YOU trying to impress?


>>>Wouldn’t it be ironic if she had to go find a guy with a smaller dick to satisfy her.

It could happen!

All the more reason for stealth PE. If wifey doesn’t know you’re doing it… she cannot ask/tell you to stop.

My wife held my dick today as I shaved… then whispered in my ear ‘I can’t wait to fuck you.’

Pre PE, I never got that kind of comment from wifey. She has no idea why my cock is bigger, but she likes it even more than ever… and doesn’t understand why. Hehehehehe…. STEALTH PE RULES!

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...


Davey: A lot of this is new to me. I don’t want to parrot from thread to thread, but until I came here, that’s always been my perception. Girls have positively commented, but I suppose my own perception translated what they said into “she’s being nice.”

The very words I used in my description were the words a girl used to describe me a long time ago (average size,little bigger than average girth) It is something that stuck with me.

Hyghjorgan: Dude I hope your not doing it for me, I could have saved you the effort:)

Seriously, it is your business what you do. I wasn’t judging, just throwing out a thought that some may not have considered

For me, if I were in a committed relationship in your scenario, I’d listen to my wife. That’s who I’d be worried about pleasing (who else would be seeing it) but that’s me

Not being there, I think of it as something to help me feel better (like working out, clothes,haircut) with new people I meet. I’d be happy around 8-8.5 and wouldn’t go past there personally, and would hope that it wouldn’t be too much for someone I came across and truly liked.

Godzilla: Your wife is digging the “new you” so no reason to stop. Congrats man, I know it must feel good:)


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