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What does everyone's username mean?

I have very long legs; I am uncomfortable when not living near water; I wanted an impressively long “beak,” though mine does not tilt upward. Avocets live in many parts of the world. So have I. (Why not “stork?” you might ask.)

Avocets get around on the ground via certain careful and very economical movements. Having always been a klutz, and a birder, I made avocet my moniker.

And thank you again, Willb7, for finding my avatar for me.

Nice thread. I’ve wondered about a lot of your names.



keep guessing

Mine means “I keep ‘em guessin’”.

I use that handle because I am often underestimated. Professionally, I hold my cards close and keep a poker face, so people don’t know what I’m thinking until I think it’s appropriate to say something. The trouble is sometimes that is interpreted as being aloof or intense, so I remember to smile too.

And, I am often initially underestimated in my relationships with women, probably because I don’t exude a lot of swagger and machismo. I’m confident, but I’m also polite and usually fairly quiet. Consequently, as you’ve probably surmised, I didn’t get laid much in high school.

Anyway, that’s why.

Heya all!

Uncovering the mystery, hehe :) Mine is quite simple, saw it in a semi fantasy book a few years ago, in russian it should mean, something like “thunder(ing)+fight(er)” (hehe, right for Thunder’s ;) ). It should be one of the old names before christianity came into those areas. Chose and stuck to it :)

"..and if it takes ten thousand years, we never will retreat" :-pulse:

PEFOREAL = “PE” is “FOR” “REAL”. Once I realized that all of this stuff really works, my name just seemed to pop out to me.


Where I live.

90069 is the Zip (postal) code for West Hollywood, California where I lived when I signed up with my ISP. However, they wouldn’t let me use WeHo, which is the abbreviation most used around Los Angeles for the adjacent city of West Hollywood. (Probably the “Ho” had something to do with their reluctance.) So I made it West LA instead and added the Zip.

drg are my initials plus Merlin. That’s what my girl has always called me because of the way i use my wand.

I picked this name because of the results of a bout with “peyronies.”

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.

About six years ago, while dating my first and most gripping love (I’ve become determined to pursue my interest to the fullest because of her) my family owned a beautiful Quarter Horse stud named Kojack. His name was even tatooed in his lip. Naturally, he was well groomed (I’m still tryin), muscular, athletic, and well endowed. Those are just some things that I’m trying to improve on. I also used the name at adultfriendfinder, it seemed to work well.

As for 10? 10” bpel has been my goal for the last couple of years. I used to desire more, but I’ve had just a little more experience with women in the last couple of years, so I revised my goal and set it at a “sweet” number that is just right to keep me motivated.

I just hope to close to a 10” as an all-around swell guy. I work on my people skills as well.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Dino is a nickname, 9x7 is the final goal. I did say that about 8x6 but this time I really mean it.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Okay, here it goes. I’ll just cut and paste from

Jarry, Alfred

(älfrd´ zhär´) (KEY) , 1873–1907, French author. He was well known in Paris for his eccentric and dissolute behavior and for his insistence on the superiority of hallucinations over rational intelligence. His most famous work is the satirical farce Ubu Roi [Ubu the king] (1896, tr. 1961), with a repulsive and cowardly hero based on one of his old schoolteachers. He also wrote surrealistic verse stories, which, although witty, are also blasphemous and scatological.

I’m such a fucking elitist.

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene. " - Brian Eno

Mine is real simple. Just my favorite color scheme. Lot of my clothes are black and white. Not overly profound is it??!!


I’m a loner and I jelq.

I avoid hanging out with ppl so I can have time and privacy to jelq thus I am a loner.

I know this guy through work who is seeing a “stone fox”… The last several girlfriends this guy has had that I’ve seen were all ultra hotties… I asked him what the deal was, asked him if he was packing monster equipment and he said in answer to me; “it sure aint my girth! I’m just a Regular White Guy”! It’s attitude man, all attitude! As I stood there thinking hmmmm, this guy is onto something here… Thats why I took that user name… Attitude…

Mine is directely from “The Flintstones”…I always liked BamBam. Twenty-two (22) is my favorite number.

I’ve got a simple handle. 6, what I started out with, 10 my goal. Lofty indeed, but with a lot of hard work and determination, I am going to achieve this goal.

It should be upgraded now, I’ve gained, but, if I were allowed to modify my username, and did change it, I would feel like it wasn’t me anymore.

I’ve kind of grown fond of it, if you can believe it!


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