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what do you guys think

what do you guys think

Hi everybody, I’d like to have your opinion on my routine, since I’m no newbie but of course I know there’s plenty of people here that are far more experienced than me in this journey.

I’ve been PEing on and off for more than a year, but since August 2006 I started with the maximum effort possible, and this is giving me some results, nothing to die for, but they’re still results. I seem to be a hard gainer for lenght but as soon as I do anything for girth I feel real fast results.
Of course, I’m looking for lenght..
Anyway, my routine is:

stretches based on Bird2 routine:
up, down, down-left, down-right, left, right, out 1 and a half minute each
1 A stretch, 1 V stretch 1 and a half minute each
3 Two way stretches 1 and a half minute each
2 Series Jay stretches 15 stretches each serie

Light pumping for 10/15 minutes

400 repetitions jelqing

Hot shower

Andropenis for three hours (I just got it, but planning to keep it on for most of the day)

What do you think about it?

Sounds like a good routine. How long are you making each jelq stroke?
Stretching part of the routine sounds good. I’m like you in that length comes VERY slowly but girth shoots up like crazy everytime I do anything.
I personally don’t get any progress with pumping, but each to his own.

Overall sounds like a good workout to me, how long does it take (excluding the ADS)

Thanks Sacred for the ready reply!

My jelq strokes are 2 seconds long, and the total workout takes more or less 1 hour.

I actually started pumping just for curiosity. I built one two weeks ago and tried it, and now I’m just continuing, but I don’t see any result so far.

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