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Welcome DiamondWinds....


Mutual Obsession

I am obsessed with my penis also. Having been married 38 years to the same woman, this just recently became an obsession with me. Having found that I could make my penis larger for me and therefore for her has changed our lives. I agree with everything you stated and that pretty much sums up the relationship I have with my wife. And I agree, I wouldn’t want you or any other woman to be the other woman. One is enough for me and I am very happ with the one I have.

Your My kind of Guy

Hey Its refreshing to hear a married man say that he is a one woman man! Its not everyday you run across a truly happily married man thats devoted to that commitment!

I think men & women cheat for one of two reasons or maybe both! Just my opinion

They are unhappy with their sex lives is one! They are not sexually satisfied because various reasons!

Or they are trying to build up their egos! Lacking of self confidence! Some of these people have great marriages but they feel they need more! They are never happy with theirselves!

You seem to not to be lacking in either area! Glad to hear it!



I would like to check out your yahoo clubs are they for men also?
can you give a link. Thank You

Dino}:-) ~

Also it was scary in your post about what you like in a man it was like you were talking about me. “That’s weird Huh”;)

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yahoo site

We have about 193 members and a chatroom. Here all the men are also interested in penis enlargement. We have several files at the site and a typical demonstration video available.
Take a look. You might also be interested in coming on board.


Will you e-mail me about what we were talking about yesterday? You do still have my e-mail right? Thanks


I will pick it up off of the Yahoo boards. Why don’t you go to the chat room if you have a chance.


the deal with all the exclamation points !!! Are you really that happy to see us?

Thank You newbie!

Thank you newbie for pointing that out! I guess maybe I was a little excited. But what woman wouldnt be. Im surrounded by my favorite thing to do! Being so observant I am sure you can guess what that is!


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