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Warm up theory

Warm up theory

As the title suggests, this is just me thinking off the top of my head.

Alot of people put real emphasis on the warm up, to widen veins and reduce the risk of injury etc.

I left out the warm up the last few sessions and haven’t felt any worse for it.

My thinking was this:

If PE works somewhere along the lines of causing micro tears and then the healing after causes it to grow back slightly bigger, then would a light routine without warm up encourage these mini-injuries so to speak, whilst at the same time not causing any major damage to the penis?

Thoughts anyone?

It’s debateable on whether that is how PE works (micro-tears). Some believe it is by increasing cell count. Many who support light traction for many hours believe more along these lines.

When stretching ligs it seems common sense that heat will help, just as it would in any flexibility type endeavour like a martial arts program, dance, etc.

As far as girth, I personally get much greater expansion when the heat is on :)

I never did a warm up, made great gains and have no negative side effects from it. In my opinion the value of the warmup is exaggerated.

I shall continue at room temperature :D

I believe that it will reduce the chance of injury. If I do a warmup I can stretch my unit also a bit further.

Originally Posted by Bird2
I never did a warm up, made great gains and have no negative side effects from it. In my opinion the value of the warmup is exaggerated.

I jelqed once without a warm up and got some good discoloration. Warm up also makes me feel better while performing the exercises. So, there are two reasons that I never avoid warm-ups:

1)Fear of injury.
2)Better feeling, regardless if it helps somewhere else or not.

In cold weather your dick retracts/shrivels up. So why not think that heat can extend it.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

I warmup before every exercise. For some reason when I warmup before pumping I get less red dots on the glans. It also seems to be less achy after an intense jelqing session or hanging. I dont spend as much time warming up as some of the other guys do. Most use a wash cloth and wrap their penis while I (and others) fill a cup with hot water and soak my penis. I find this technique stays much hotter longer, you dont have to keep reheating a wash cloth, and it takes less time because the water is hotter. Just my .02

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