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Vitiligo on and around penis

Vitiligo on and around penis

So I have recently developed small patches of vitiligo on and around my penis, and wanted to hear if anyone else has experienced this. Certain PE exercises (which I quickly stopped) seem to have exacerbated the condition.

The patches are on the underside of my penis along the urethra, and then on my left ball and just above my penis. I can recall having the vitiligo on my scrotum since I was like 8-9 years old, but its appearance on the shaft came about nearly 2 years ago soon after I began clamping.

I figure the vitiligo appeared due to the physical stress of clamping, so I quickly put an end to that exercise, but not until some “damage” had been done. (it was a shame, too, as I had noticed some real good girth gains from clamping!) The vitiligo has seemed to stop spreading at least on that part of my penis since I retired from clamping

The vitiligo then appeared to have been set off again by pumping, but not until about 8 months after I had gotten into a routine. Again, I had to give up that PE exercise once I noticed what was going on.

My jelqing and Horse exercises have not caused any vitiligo, thank god. So I have continued to make gains from those exercises without any “side effects”. (For background, I am now 27 and have gone from about 6.25 to 7.25 with much added girth over a 5 yr period)

I have been treating the vitiligo once a day with either Protopic (tacrolimua oiuntment 1%) or Elidel (pimecrolimus cream 1%) for about 5 months and have noticed very little if any improvement. I’ve used the protopic on the areas around the penis and the Elidel on the penis.

So anyone else had luck treating this? Thanks for reading my lengthy post.

Question for you, do you have this any where else on your body? Or is it just in the groin area?

According to Wikipedia, the condition can be exacerbated by stress in some cases. And I will assume that you are under the care of a dermatologist.

As far as an answer to your post, I don’t have a clue, but I do wish you luck with treating this.

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