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using slip instead than boxer / and other...

using slip instead than boxer / and other...

Hi guys

I wanted to say this. I have started
to use slip instead of boxer, to use them
to light stretch my “son” during the day.
I have seen results in flaccid state
so here I am to share.
Maybe the argument is already on the forum?
Ok anyway here it is/
I wear the slips, possibly lightly elasticized
a measure under mine, very fitted on the body I mean,
and I put the “unit” stretching directly under
my…balls. So I wear it all the day in this position
It is a light stretch, but I feel it very natural
and dont give me problems.
I had a light dark coloration on the head only one day, but it passed
very soon. If the slips are well fitted, they tends to mantein
this light stretch all the day.

Ok nothing more than this.

Wanted to ask also if anybody has developed
some techniques to stretch during the day
and if they worked .

I dont like too much mechanical devices…
I was thinking to some more natural methods…

Has anyone tryed wearing some cockrings
during the day, and it worked well?
Or it cut off circulation?

I was thinking if it’s possible to wear
some of them… like4/5 or so on, to stretch
during the day…

Or to use a simple bendage under the head
and to keep it in tension, collegating it to one
leg or some like this.

Any idea? Any positive experience for
stretching during the day?

bye guys


xaixoit - Interesting concept for stretching. The slip must be very tight to hold you in place like that.

In North American English a “slip” is a woman’s undergarment: slip

In Europe the word apparently means elastic men’s underwear: slip

Just wanted to clear up any word misconceptions.


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