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Upward stretches

Upward stretches

Can anybody tell me a tehnique to help hold my upward stretches for a longer time? I can’t hold them more than 20 secs because my hand seems to slip off and after about 10 secs i feel I can’t maintain the same pressure I do in the first secs.

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How about a reply ? I was hoping tomorrow I won’t have this problem I had the last weeks.

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

If grip is the problem try one of the many methods to improve grip.

Use a second hand to steady the first.

Do an inverted V-stretch over a baseball bat or something. The exit angle from the body is upward but the stretch is performed downward.

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Mr Huge,

I don’t remember which thread it was, but I believe it’s some where in the Newbie’s forum. It is suggested that if grip is a prolem, use a soft cloth or baby powder to get a better grip. I’ve tried both and I prefer the soft cloth. It eliminates the pinch that our bare hands can often cause. Rubber(latex) gloves would also do the trick.

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I also had a similar problem with upward streching, and actually in general streching with my hands for a long time.

What I do is now, I use one hand and a horizontal-U grip near the head with the thumb facing up, right below the glans, and strech the penis. Then I bend my grip so that the head of the penis would be rotated slightly towards my body, this gives further resistance to retain the grip power on the penis. Then I pull the penis. In this way I can strech a bit longer, but not that too long actually, because my arm gets tired after 2-3 minutes or so with a firm and strong strech.

I don’t know whether this might help you.

(1) Apply talcum to your hands & unit

(2) Get a comfortable but firm grip around your head/shaft area

(3) Utilize a fulcrum (generally, anything - your thumb of the other hand, or the edge of the other hand, a tube or other cylindrical object, etc.) - place it on the top side of your penis, at the base.

(4) Pull upwards - pull like hell.

This will give you a great tunica stretch. I did it for quite a while - and no slippage either. I got some erect gains out of it, raised my LOT from 7:30 to 9:00, and now I’m back to lig work. But the above techniques helped me a lot.

Thanks guys. Wadzilla, I think I got this wrong but if I place something on top side of my penis and pull upwards wouldn’t that be a V stretch (working the ligs) ? My lot is 7 so I should stretch the tunica more, right ?

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

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