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ULI 440's???

ULI 440's???

Ok guys.I just noticed something today while doing my horses and ulis.I avoid putting any pressure at all on my head with ANY excerzize that i do due to my highly irritable glans.So when i do horses i push blood down starting just after the glans.To the point….Today i used a differant grip during one set of horses and noticed that because i never pushed blood out of the glans in the first place that it was HUGE and engorged along with my mid-shaft from the squezze! So i need some opinions on if this should be classified as a new type of squezze. Imo it serves as a way of doing a half-ass uli and horse 440 at the same time. All opinions welcome (good and bad). Keep gaining.

Well, its a legitamate girth exercise, but I would rather really nail both my shaft and head by doing uli AND horse squeezes.

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Need more infomation im not quite sute what your doing.So you clamp off at base then squeze below the head then push blood down to which point ?

It is a horse 440 but without pushing down from head to grasp just grasping below head and pushjing down a little bit leaving blood in head and mid-shaft only.

THat is a good exercise….nothing new. In fact that how I would do my “horse 440s”. I never could “jelq my glans” as described in that original exercise. So, like you, I grabbed behind my gland and squeezed off there and at the base.

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