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Two years

Two years

It’s been 2 years for me here at Thunder’s, 2 year this month, wow. Went by in a flash.

Just a quick note, my observations for any new guys-

This place is the Alpha and Omega of PE. No place on earth has more straight forward how-to-do-it information on PE than Thunder’s place. So my hat’s off to Thunder, on making this place what it is, and giving us this resource with no strings attached, no hidden agendas.

Also my thanks to guys like Mem and Hobby, they do alot of behind the scenes work that we all take for granted. So thanks, mates.

To the guys that passed on their knowledge and experiences selflessly, guys like: Bib, Lil12big1, Iamaru, Luvadus, Avocet, YGuy, JAPP, RB, Dino, Buster, Uncut4Big, Dance, groa, SS4Jelq, Mem, Size, Hobbs, Secs, Seeker9 :) and many more, learned everything from you guys - Thanks.

And ladies (DW, Sunny, Anna), thanks for keeping our ego’s in check, and giving us other things to thing about.

Ok, got to go, not done sweeping. And time to get the rakes out, leaves starting to fall here at Thunder’s ranch, got to get back to work. It’s like doing PE, it’s never -done-.


Keep your night job, DT. Sweeping around here would be lonely for me and the newbie mods without your good humor.

Your turn to do Dino’s and DW’s offices. We’re not touching them.

Happy anniversary.



Darktrick -
Can I ask you to share your gains over the past two years?

Oh Yeah,
Congrats on your 2 years.

What are your before and after stats over these two years?

Congrats, bruver! :D

Thanks guys, and thanks boss (internet years, like dog years? :) ).

>>Your turn to do Dino’s and DW’s offices. We’re not touching them.

Oh man, I was trying to dodge that duty, it’s Halloween every day, all year long in there.

As for gains, I started at a little < 6” bpel. I, like many others, didnt measure accurately and I regret that ( looking back, I probably didnt want to know). I’d guess now that I was probably 5.75” bpel, and a bit < than 5” eg.

Not long ago I measured a bpel a smidge over 7”, and am pleased with that. Harder to measure girth, as I’ve been pumping, and that distorts the true eg measument. I dont care really though, I never measure anymore.

I’m 100% confident that PE works if you’re dedicated and consistent enough, that’s key. I know there’s a big difference in the places I’m hitting at game time, and that’s all that matter to me.

I take a Zen approach :
Q: “How long do I have to meditate, Master?”
A: “Until you die, my son”

Q: “How long do I have to PE, Master?”
A: “Well, my son, maybe you should sit down for this….”

Congrats on 2 years!

Sept 2 2002 Bpel 6.8 Eg 5.5 Sept 2 2003 Bpel 7.6 Eg 6.0 Yeah i know...5 years..updating soon i hate mesuring...

Congrats on 2 years. I like your meditation/PE wisdom.

cead mile failte :lep:


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