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Tunica growth held back by tight lig(s)?


The septum is the splitter between the two “bladders” we call the CC’s.

So the septum would’ve given out at a point, and it allows it to be elongated further.

I think we would want this support.

However, you might ask the docs, if you can heal in an “extended state” at least at that point. That way you get another .250” or
Whatever out of this.

The rest of us, will be looking and seeing how we can get the septum to elongate without breaking it.

Anyone come to a conclusion? I have the same thing going on.

well i have the same problem as well and you guys might want to check out the stretch i made up. it REALLY hits the tunica like nothing else and i think you could very quickly loosen the top lig(or septum or what ever it is)

its on my started threads page… let me know what you guys think.

7.5goingfor8 -

The “Septum” if you look up an anatomy chart is simply the “double meat” where the two CC bladders meet up at. Its the thickest tissue in the penis its why it feels like a cord.

At some point its going to be the limiter in tunica length expansion.

Of course thourougly heating the unit, thru and thru so heat is completely penetrated thru it, and some length work will allow the septum to slowly lengthen.

Haha I know what the septum is… I ment the septum or what ever it is thats holding you back. Not that i didnt know what the top lig or the septum was haha. Thats why I suggested the stretch I made up, because it loosens everything up for a much better stretch whether it be the top lig, septum, tunica etc. Its going to hit it.



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