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Try to find solutions for my bad sensitivity

Try to find solutions for my bad sensitivity


i posted this question maybe 3 months before but now i hope that maybe new people are here and have ideas what i can do.

My problem is my bad penis sensitivity.
It went down from the age of 17 on and is now at 21 very very bad.
I dont feel much when masturbating.
Sometimes it even hurts a little little bit.

I have had sex 2 times 2 weeks before and i didnt cum.
I had a good erection but after 15 minutes of fucking i gave up……… :(

The feeling was too weak.
The feeling is weak all around head and shaft, the wohle penis.

I have made a long break with PE (3 months) but nothing is better now.
Is nothing with prostate, my urologist told me that he cant fond anything. The neurologist i went then to said that all is normal. No problems with my back also.
aybe something psychological. But it isnt.
In earlier times i already had complexes because the lenght of my penis but masturbating was VERY funny…..

Does anyone have an idea what i can do to increase sensitivity or even to fix it?
I would be very glad…..

Bye, SPV


I am guessing that you sustained some degree of nerve damage, possibly from aggressive masturbation. I would suggest that you take time off from both PE and masturbating to allow your nerves to regenerate. The good news is that they can normally regenerate at a rate of about 1 inch per month. I know that masturbating is a way of life at your age (it was for me when I was your age). You may be able to masturbate in a gentler manner using baby oil or some other lubricant. In any case, you need to give yourself time to heal.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Sandman, I have a nerve problem at this present time and I find that masterbation makes it a lot harder. I know the urges become pretty bad after a week, but try breaking a vitamin E capsule over yourself beforehand. It allows for a gentler process and my sensitivity doesn’t plummet as bad.

Also, I don’t know if you’re uncut or not, but after my nerve injury I found that foreskin restoration brought my sensitivity up a great deal. I quit it because it was cumbersome to do constantly, but once my Manhood comes in the mail I am going to continue with it. Good luck


Do you happen to do a lot of bike riding?

Bike seats are generally not designed to be kind to penile base nerves with the common result of loss of sensation in various areas of the penis. (For you bike riders, bike stores sell ergonomic seats which will protect you.)




Might help to frequently apply some moisturizer to your penis’s skin. Especially after taking a bath.


Did your sensitivity problems start after doing PE? I have not been doing PR for about a week now as I got carried away with PE and was real stupid at how aggresive I got. I didn’t have any pain doing PE so I didn’t think I was hurting anything. But for the first time ever I experience ED problems last week. Could not keep an erection for more than a minute or so and my penis during sex felt like rubber with very little sensation. While the thought of sex let me get an initial erection, the lack of sensation caused the erection to go away shortly after starting sex. The next day I had the same problem and thought I ruined my toy. I did a lot of reading and was very happy to read that nerves do regenerate but it can be a slow process. I basically put my penis away for a week and yesteday gave him a try. Had great sex and as before PE, had far more stamina and staying power than the wife could handle. Sensation was greatly improved and about 80% of normal. I’m going to let him have one more week of rest from PE, or even more time. Want sensation to get back to 100% before I do more PE. Then I will do PE but with much less intensity than before. I was just blown away at how PE worked and was trying to get gains on a daily basis. If I was not a bit bigger than the day, I kept at it until it way. That was stupid. No reason to rush things. I though I would feel pain if I was injuring myself. I didn’t have pain and actaully enjoyed the feeling of doing my exercises with the Power Jelk and a little bit of hanging. (But with too much weight just starting off.) So if you developed a lack of sensation after starting PE, let it rest for as long as necessary for the sensation to return to normal. If there is nerve damage from PE, they do regenerate but it can take weeks or months. There are also people that have reduced sensation due to circumcision. You may want to check into forums that talk about foreskn restoration. They often have information on things to do to increase / regain sensitivity lost due to the head rubbing on clothing over the years, etc. Hope you find a solution to your problem.

Man, I should not type after 1:30am after seeing all my typos! Here is a link to links on foreskin restoration. Check them out and I’m sure some will have tips on increasting sesitivity.…s/restore.shtml

In my prior post the sentence that made no sense at all should have read that I was trying to get daily gains, and if I was not a bit bigger than the day prior, I kept doing PE exercises until I could measure a slight increase. (Bet the people that made my digital calipers never thought of that use for them!) :)


You didn’t hurt your nerves you just had a tired dick, If you over work your cock it maybe to tired to get hard. But all you guys with the power jelqer need to be careful. It seems like a lot of people who aren’t careful are hurting themself with that thing


Proper sexual functioning is a very complex process. Organic issues such as endocrinologic, venogenic, arteriogenic, or neurogenic disorders can lead to ED. We also have to consider psychogenic factors such as stress and other emotional baggage that can also cause an organically perfectly healthy penis not to function properly. You can have damage to certain nerve systems of the penis that will still let you get an erection but not be able to complete intercourse. There are three types of erection which are psychogenic, reflexogenic and nocturnal. Psychogenic erections are caused by audiovisual stimuli. The brain sends signals to the spinal erection centers to start the erection process. (You see an adult movie and get hard.) Reflexogenic erection is produced by tactile stimulation to the penis. (You rub your penis and you get hard.) So in the case of a person who has an upper back spinal injury, he may be able to get an erection from tactile stimulation but not from psychogenic stimulation as the signal can’t make it from the brain to the erection centers in the lower portions of the spine. But the tactile stimulation may be able to reach the spinal erection centers to start an erection.

In my case, after excessive PE, I could still get an erection (through psychogenic stimulation). However, that would only last so long without feeling adequate pleasure from my sensory receptors, which are responsible to send to my brain feelings of touch, pain, temperature, etc.

With that being the case, I don’t believe my penis was just tired. I think there was actually some degree of damage to the nerves responsible for sending sensory information back to my brain. If the penis was tired and wore out, I would expect not to be able to get an erection, but still experience pleasure from tactile stimulation, which I did not for some days. ( A very scary thing to happen.)

A couple theories I have is that maybe the Power Jelk, when used with too much force, puts excessive pressure on the nerves causing damage and or desensitizing them. Another theory is maybe there is not enough elasticity in the nerves to accommodate a fast change in size. I was 7” BPEL and flaccid measurement when pulling on the head was about the same. In a few days going bizzerk power jelking and hanging a lot of weight for a newbie (20 lbs) I was 7.5” flaccid stretched. So I wonder if the nerves could have been damaged by not being able to stretch as fast as the other structures of the penis. I have not seen any literature on the elasticity of penile nerves to know if that is a reasonable theory.

In any case, the fright of having possibly damaged my perfectly working penis made me very aware to listen to the advice and warning of the veterans here to start light and GRADUALLY work up. Just for good measure I am waiting another week or so before resuming any PE in a much more responsible manner.

It is very hard to know what could be wrong with SandmannPV. If before 17 it worked / felt fine, then something happened after that. When did he start PE? Any sports injury to that area? For some people something as simple as riding a bike a lot can cause ED. How much are you masterbating? If a body part is constantly subject to excessive stimulation, it will lose sensitivity over time. It would be very simple to try leaving it alone for a while. You already stopped PE for 3 months. Stop all other forms of stimulation such as masturbation. Leave your dick alone for a while. Check the sites on foreskin restoration for tips from those guys on restoring sensitivity. Perhaps a long dose of sensory deprivation to the penis will cause it to regain sensitivity. That is what I would try given that you’ve already ruled out other problems through your urologist. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.

I liked this thread so I thought I would bring it back to the top.


I’ve had loss of sensitivity recently, either from hanging, horse squeezes, or stress. I believe it’s from hanging because I moved up in weight pretty fast after getting my hanger—I was using a homemade PVC hanger, moved up slowly to 10lbs. and it was no longer comfortable so I got a bib hanger… and moved too fast to 15 lbs., because it’s so comfortable. After a week of hanging 10 lbs. with the bib hanger I jumped to 15. Stayed with that 1 week, then started noticing a loss of sensitivity one the underside of my head, and cut back to 10 lbs.

When I hang, my head turns a bit purple (but not cold), but the underside gets more pressure and I thing it’s gotten stressed out… The underside sort of swells, not uncomfortably but enough to make me think it’s connected to the sensitivity loss.

So with the loss of sensitivity I’ve been getting a half hard-on or “limp-on” where the corpus cavernosum (on top of the penis & the bulk of a hard on) gets filled with blood when erect, but the head and corpus spongiosum (underside of entire length of penis) don’t get as hard as the top… so I have a 70-80% erection lately ( the past week).

I’ve noticed that kegeling helps but reverse kegeling really helps. When I reverse kegel my cock gets to 100% erection, and kegeling gets it about 90% erect… And when kegeling I’m a lot more sensitive on the underside of my cock (where the head meets the shaft in the V shape).

So SandmannPV, I’d suggest trying to kegel and reverse kegel, see if that helps with sensitivity. You have loss of sensitivity but no loss of 100% erection? no limp-on?

Originally Posted by g8882002

So with the loss of sensitivity I’ve been getting a half hard-on or “limp-on” where the corpus cavernosum (on top of the penis & the bulk of a hard on) gets filled with blood when erect, but the head and corpus spongiosum (underside of entire length of penis) don’t get as hard as the top.. So I have a 70-80% erection lately ( the past week).

This is from a post you made a while ago. This is exactly what I am experiencing now. Did I do some major damage?? Did this ever get better for you?

Take it easy bro!

Give it a rest!

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