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Tom Hubbard's article?

Tom Hubbard's article?

Okay this might some stupid because there is no evidence.
My stupid comp crashed…. but I came across a article by in which Tom Hubbard and Big Al was interviewed for the Weekly Wired and talked about natural enhancements.

I never knew these guys were doing articles =P

FIGHT CLUB!! *raises fists in the air*

Yea cool :)

There was talk of DLD (I think) being interviewed for GQ magazine a while back too. Anybody know if this took place?


You know Thunder, that article is actually how I found out about Hubbard ages ago. If I had never come across his name I never would have stumbled into thunder’s. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

I joke! Ahahahahahaha. Ha.

I’ll shutup now.


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