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Time to rename AI-stretches

Time to rename AI-stretches

First, in honor of Johan’s contribution to the PE community, I would like to suggest a renaming of the AI-stretches to:

JAI stretches

As in, Johan AI stretches.

Reasons for this are somewhat simple but relevant.

1) It gives it an easy name that becomes recognizable over time with use, like Fowlers, Ulis, as so forth. This is our tradition. Sounds like Fiddler on the Roof abit, I guess…

2) What first gave me the thought - you cannot do a search simply on AI or AI stretches. The program requires that each search word be a minimum of three letters. So you’d have to do a search on ‘stretch’ which brings up alot of other stuff.

So that is what I’d like to suggest - JAI stretches, or simply JAI’s.

Further, if it’s not there I think we need a section (written first by Johan) added to the PE FAQ.

Hey Buster,

Glad to see you back !!! You were missed.

This is a good idea and I had not even recognized the search problem. I am planning on adding the JAIs to the PE FAQ and , in fact, requested that Johan write the exercise up last week.

So, Johan, this is your friendly reminder, we are waiting

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Cool. It’s great to be back!

OK, Johan write up a text on JAI’s and then forward it both to Thunder and myself. We’ll look it over to make sure it works good for the FAQ. In particular attempt to:

1) Describe the theory (go light but pertinent)
2) Describe the actual exercise and how you do it

That should be it. Thanks, dude!!!

Yo guys..

I’ve been partying whole weekend and just starting to get back into business. Would like to tell you about my weekend, but… I don’t want to - whatta weekend… ;) I will try to send an explanation about JAI-stretches by Thursday… I’m Pretty busy with school today and probably tomorrow too.. Sorry to keep you waiting Thunder..

Lets keep gaining!

A Man behind his mask.

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