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time for clamping?

time for clamping?

OK guys hers my situation: On a really good erection (usually one w/tadalifil) i can hit 9”BPEL. So on my not so great days I’m probably anywhere between 8.5-8.75”. I am thinking about getting a little more length so that i can always clear 9”. But i also want to clamp to jump my girth from 6.25 to 6.5. Could i start clamping and still gain that 1/4-1/2 in length?

Also, I am interested in trying anal but am worried about gaining anymore girth in case it might reduce my chances in getting a willing participant. So I’m thinking about holding off any clamping till i give the back door a whirl and see if i like it. Do u guys think the extra .25” will make any difference?


Anyone who is 8.5+ x 6.25 would seem to have “enough” dick for most purposes. Anal and oral will suffer both from added length and girth, IMO. My experience is that clamping does seem to aid both dimensions, but I haven’t been at it very long. Big Girtha is the resident clamp expert. If he doesn’t see this you can always send him a PM asking for his opinion.

I gained over 1/4” EG within a few days of starting a clamping routine. It may not be permanent, but would give you some idea what it’s like to have a bit more.

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