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Thunder's T-shirt vote

Thunder's T-shirt vote

We have had three good ideas come our way for the Official Thunder’s Place T-shirt. This amazing shirt will help raise money to assist Thunder in paying for the costs of running this site. I think we can all agree that this is THE place to be on the net for our PE goals. So, lets help him out a bit!

The shirts will come in at around $20US or so, shipping included to each member’s door which is a great deal. International members, just add a couple bucks more to get it across the ocean =) The image that we choose will be silk screened on the shirt, not a cheap commercial press or an iron on. These shirts will last a long time. Please don’t “order one on this thread, once we come up with a style, then I will start an order thread.

Below I have three submitted styles of shirts that you can vote on. To make counting votes easy, please answer the poll this way.

I vote for # (then either 1, 2, or 3) Then after that mention any modifications you would like to suggest. Also mention a preferred color of Tee. I will use the color that comes up most often.

#1 The 7-11 Parody Tee att00170.jpg

#2 The new official PE logo Tee. We will get a professional image drawn up that will look better (no offence Anistar) and it will look amazing. testocutudo.jpg

#3 The Ruler Tee tshirt1.gif I personally would lose the Ask me about my hobby, cause I certainly don’t want anyone asking me about it lol.

Thanks in advance for your support and your input guys!


Hmmmm, those designs are nice, but I think we need some more! I would like a T-shirt, but would only wear it once I got to my final goal of, surprise surprise, 8 x 6.

I´m not artistic, so don´t expect a design from me. Sorry!

I could think of some ideas that I would like to see though.

I´ll get back to this. In the meantime keep the designs coming, this should be fun :)

(But only if I actually gain at some point!)

I vote for #1

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I vote for #2 if someone good with graphics stuff polishes it up a little. White T-shirt, purple/blue/whatever (think forum color) hand. Printed on back of shirt.

EDIT: to clarify my response, the white part of the hand in the pic would be a forum color. There would be no surrounding black background.

The ok would be innocuous enough that most people wouldn’t even question its meaning. If someone asks, it’s easy enough to explain away: “I’m ok, you’re ok. Be ok.” Or something like that. Yet if one of us sees someone wearing the shirt, we’ll know the guy is a fellow Thundersplace member.

#2 is damn awesome. I wouldn’t wear it till I had 5.5” flaccid +, but that’s possible and it’d be a great motivation to get there. Is that design original though?


I vote for #2. #2 is pretty inconspicuous, unlike the other two, which I think is a good thing. I’d put that design on the white shirt from the #1 drawing (looks like a good shirt).

I like #1 because it has satire and parody and is not too inconspicuous regarding subject matter. It will at least get a laugh from most and simultaneously blend a serious subject matter with humor. (although they wont know its serious) It may subject you to light comments or teasing questions from the girls. Which can be a good thing depending on how you look at it. It of course depends on what your objectives for wearing the tee shirt are.

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I like three but lose the ask me about my hobby shit, thundersplace with the ruler is cool

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I like the third one, people woudlnt know what that shirt was about unless they asked you.

100 views and only 8 votes? Guys!! What’s up with that!

Show your spirit!


I like the first one, but don’t we all want 8 inches advertised not 7?

Oops. I was supposed to say #1… D’oh!


I like both # 1 and # 2. If I had to choose just one I would pick the second one if it came in something other than black. Otherwise I like # 1. It is really clever, but I can just see all of the 11-15 yr. old skateboard punk market making a run on that shirt, it looks like something you could pick up in your local shopping mall.


no doubt, I like #1. Instant conversation starter and you will definitely get ask to prove it at least once. And even if you’re not 7” limp you can show them what you’re working with now, with expectation of 7” to cum, I meant come.


Originally posted by Dino9X7

I like three but lose the ask me about my hobby shit, thundersplace with the ruler is cool

I second (third that one).

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