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This is my last post for a while.....

This is my last post for a while.....

Fellow pe-ers,

This will be my last post for a while, probably until August, because I’ll be on the road until then and won’t have the opportunity to be near a computer very often. I will still be able to PE though so I was just wondering if you all could give me some advice on how to proceed over the summer with any adjustments to my routine, etc…..Here is the current plan and stats:

Starting—Feb.22, 2005
Exactly 6 inch length x 5 inch girth (base, didn’t measure midshaft).

6.25 length x 5.25 base, 5”mid

Goal is 7”-7,5” length x 6” girth all the way up—but I’ll take bigger!

My current workout:
-manual stretch outward/upward (I alternate) for three stretches. Each stretch is 90-120 seconds.
-10-15 minutes of dry jelqs
-5 uli/jelq squeeze at base—I hold for 45 seconds each.
Repeat the above stretching
50 slow wet jelq in the shower

Based on this, would you all adjust anything or should I just keep on like this over the summer? Are my goals attainable and reasonable?

I appreciate all the advice and support and I’ll report back in August on my new gains. Peace

Your goals are very realistic. 9 to 12 minutes of stretching per day is not enough in my opinion. I would also switch your morning dry jelqs to jelquing with a lube.

Hopefully some of the other guys will chime in soon, good luck!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I will agree with iamaru with upping the amount of time spent stretching. However, I will have to respectfully disagree with his assessment of your dry jelqs. I feel that dry jelqs are an essential part of an affective girth routine. I know that some guys just can’t do them and that is fine, but if you are able to do them I feel they are an extremely beneficial exercise. I would do as many wet jelqs as dry jelqs as well.

Good luck to you. You traveling for work or fun?


I agree with RoomToGrow regarding dry jelqing.

I was doing wet jelqing at various errection levels for about 8 months and was happy with my average growth. During this period I didn’t get any noticeable injury except for a small skin break at the base which was due to too many blood flow enhancing supplements like Vitamin E, fish oil, GINKGO BILOBA.

I stoped GINKGO BILOBA to see it healed.

I incorporated dry jelqing 2 weeks before. oh boy, I just liked it but over did it and got an injury, a sort of fluid build up look, below my glans but hard.

It’s healing now with aspirin.

But I was surprised by the flacid hand and the heaviness of my dick during the first week of my dry jelq.

So I would suggest dry jelqing along with wet ones. Take them slowly and good luck. Come back and report your gains. :)

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