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Third time's a charm

Third time's a charm

Here is my story: I began Jelqing the summer after my freshman year of college. I did it highly incorrectly and way too much and ended up with no noticeable gains. I quit after about a month and a half because I had no gains, I had to go back to school, and I did not believe it actually worked.

After my sophomore year I joined a couple of pay sites and tried it again for a summer and ended up in the exact same situation as freshman year. I thought I might have had some gains, but they were unconfirmed. I sporadically continued this for my junior year of college in the shower and had nothing to show for it by the end. I just about gave it up for good and then a miracle happened… I found this website!

This was the first website I found on PE that was not after any of my money. I couldn’t believe I actually found a free and honest website on PE! This was the proof that I so sorely needed. Then I found a second miracle… The pictures taken my lil12big1 were the first absolutely convincing pictures that I had seen.

I soon discovered that I had 2 fundamental problems with PE: 1. I had never believed in PE full heartedly and so my motivation was not there.
2. I was not Jelqing slow enough or with enough intensity.

So here I am in my third summer trying it again. I am almost certain that I have had about 1/8th gain in length and 1/16th gain in girth. It absolutely kills me that I didn’t start it the right way from the beginning. 2 years wasted and all that time I spent with noting to show for it… and only now have I finally got it working. Alas, despite all that wasted time and effort I am absolutely thrilled because now I know it works and I know I will have a bigger dick in my future.


this is my second month and the gains dont show up, i hope for the gains soon, but , why i still doing PE? becouse i feel my penis healtful, and i notice when i having sex, now i can be erect for 1 1/2hr without ejaculate, this is my motivation, having a bigger penis is a bonus for me, the gains that already achieve is the long sessions of sex, that is the best part. i hope that you find the motivation to keep doing pe.


gains take time

One may take months to learn to jelq correctly. And gains take time, often months before kicking in. Remember exactly what you are trying to do….GROW your penis. It is as difficult as it sounds, but possible. Do PE correctly, diligently, and results will come.



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