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Thinking about quitting PE


I agree with upto7. Clamp your way to new gains. I’ve had great success with clamping and an ADC.

I believe that serious stretching has to be included with jelqs and squeezing to keep up progress. I am going on 7 or 8 years with progress at about the same rate, slow, but progress!

When young I was about bpel 6x5 by 2002 size had shrunk down to bpel 5.5x4.8 with age, had to do something!

09/10 bpel 8.4, eg 5.8 midshaft (6.3 base) Goal- 9x6.2 average eg.

You must try clamping it’s the only PE I’ve done where I’ve seen serious and permanent gains.

I’ve been clamping on and off for 5 years and I went from 5.25 to 6 inchs. And that was with a lot of time off here and there.

3/11 - 8.25 BPEL X 6.00 EG - GOAL 9.00 BPEL x 6.50 EG.

Maybe I never put enough time into clamping because it never did much (if anything) for me. What kind of routines do some of you guys do?

I recommend taking some time off because that worked for me. You are already 7.25 NBPEL which is huge in my opinion because that would probably make you around 8 BPEL which is what i am going for.

STATS: BPEL-7.5 EG-5.6 BG-5.8 -- MT Goal reached

Goal: 8 x 5.75

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Andgrowing bro… You gotta hang more weight. 7lb? Thats where you are about to stop PE all together? From what I have read most hangers experience most of their gains between 10-15lbs. Definitely not the time to throw in the towel. You don’t even need to go back to the drawing board. Just hang your way to 15 and see what happens.

hanging 3 sets 5days a week is way less than the recommended 10h/wk with no off days. Just saying.

Originally Posted by dieselpower
Just take 6 months off and see how you feel. It will also do ligaments in your hands good to take time off. Jelking also puts strain on them also.
Take care.

What weak girlish hands you have mate! :D I’m joking ;)

Start (october 2010) : BPEL 18,5 cm ; EL 17,5 cm ; MSEG 13,75 cm ,BEG 14,25 cm ;FL 12 cm ; FG 10,75 cm ; BPFSL 18,5 cm

3 months later ( January 2011) : BPEL 19 cm ; EL 18 cm ; MSEG 14 cm ; BEG 14,5 cm FL (hard to say if it grows due to size shifting of the soft state.. The same as before or bigger!) ; FG 11 cm ; BPFSL 19 cm***all hard sizes taken @ my hardest and doing a kegel***Goal: cementing a round 18 x 14 hard coupled with a good EQ.

All of my gains came from hanging between 9 and 15 pounds.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I’d just quit. PE is BS and a waste of time generally speaking.

Length gains from lig stretch, girth gains just from having stronger erections. Just my advice.

You are already way above average. With bp measurement you are probably close 8”. A solid 8x5.5” cock. Many guys would kill to have that size. I have been doing for over 1.5 year with only 1/4” gain in length. I haven’t gained in over 10 months now. And to make you feel better, I am just 6.25” long bone pressed!

I suggest take a couple of months off and come back with a different routine.

Notorious "Hardgainer". No Gain in 4 Years! Check out my "Blog" under Profile.

(starting: Jun 2007) 5.75" BPEL x 5" EG / (Sept 11, 2011) 6.375" BPEL x 5.125" EG / (July 1st, 2014) 6.25" BPEL x 5.125" EG (lost a bit of size)


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