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Thera-p wrap rules!


Guys, do you know where i can get this in the UK or on a UK website?

Originally Posted by Pirocudo
Im not a donkey but Ill try ok?

But the base will get bigger too or not?

I think it catches up (you dont see the difference). Because it is smaller where the wrap is, when you take it off, the smaller part tries to restrict blood flow, is eventually overcome, and evens out. Thats just my oipinion though. :)

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I’m still trying to figure out where I can get some Theraband or Thera-P or ACE bandage whatever. I use either gauze or this elastic bandage currently, and while the gauze doesn’t hold, the elastic bandage is pinching my sac skin. Maybe I shouldn’t traction wrap before bed, but I PE right after my nightly shower.

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Originally Posted by fieldmouse
the smaller part tries to restrict blood flow, is eventually overcome, and evens out.

Yeah maybe it can be true, Ill try this when I found thera wrap. Im think to buy a thermal sock and thera wrap. I can get harder and warm.

Ace makes a self-adhesive 2” wide wrap that I have been using. Walmart sells it for about $3.

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Originally Posted by fieldmouse
OK, im an idiot I admit. I was reading through the manual for the Thera-P wrist wrap by Homedics that Peforeal has been recommending. Anyway, 2 of the biggies are “improved blood flow” and “improves the bodies natural healing process.” Seems to me this would be good to be worn loosely on non PE days and during sleep.

Where did you get the band?

In Phoenix somewhere?

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