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The Ultimate Extension Bar None

The Ultimate Extension Bar None

Ok so this is not a PE thread but you’re here now so you might as well read it.


If when you visit Thunders Place Forum home page you click on
"Main Member" Forum

Hanger’s Forum

or whatever to browse the forum, you’re missing out.

By clicking on View New Posts (under the welcome back message) you will be presented with a list of only the threads that have changed since you last visited. So you won’t miss anything important wherever its posted and you won’t be clicking on threads you’ve already read because you can’t remember for sure.

Using this method will show you how vast Thunder’s actually is, and if you feel worried about posting on PE related matters you’ll find that there are non PE related threads from the witty to the insane that you might feel happier posting on.

Lurkers without accounts

If you don’t have an account, when you hit the home page you see only 4 forums. It might surprise you but there are 21 forums available to members. You only get to see a small portion of what goes on here.

Thunder is not here to abuse the data you give when joining. You shouldn’t feel that you are in any way compromising anonymity by doing so. Your data is not sold and Thunder’s Place is run not for profit and not allied to any profit making concerns.

If you’ve tried to apply for an account but it didn’t work out then email Thunder. I had to do this when I joined and Thunder sorted out the problem within 1/4 hour.

Apologies to anyone for whom this information is way too obvious.


Does this guy not scream “Moderator”???……….

Somebody make him a mod…..


"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

You mean he’s not a mod already???????


i think he wants to be!

In a previous thread, Thunder stated he asked Memento to be a Moderator, but he declined.

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