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The Percentage Thing?

The Percentage Thing?

I’ve never understood the percentage thing when it comes to sex organ size… Some consider 8” x 6” large… Given the studies (which who knows are any good) what percentage of guys walking around could be this measurement? At what point would a girl (who isn’t used to seeing your erect penis) say.. Damn thats big? Just curious here folks..

hey, i would definetly have to say a 8x6 dick would definetly impress a girl, as they always over estimate anyways, so that would actually be a 9.5x7 to them.

also, my erect penis is 7.25x5.25 and i get alot of compliments like its perfect and a very nice size and i believe them too by watching their eyes. so i would have to say anything over 7x5 is very nice to them.

As for what a girl would call big,

In general, the more I learn about this topic from all sources, including personal experience, I think perception and emotion is a big factor. I mean, if a girl likes you, I think your dick just grew a few tenths. If she loves you maybe it grows an inch. If you’re a small guy with an “average” size, it’ll probably seem bigger to her. Of course, there are obvious larger and smaller dicks, but, if you act proud of what you have and can get it rock hard, it probably amplifies what she sees. Then with this amplified version in her mind, it may actually even feel a little bigger, too. I’ve come to worry about “average” size less and less. I just try to find one that likes it. Just my opinion.

Take it easy,


I believe that women who have had larger than average (6.5 to 7.25) and/or BIG (7.25 (or so) and above) will tend to underestimate subsequent cocks she sees (unless its truly a monster (7.8X5.8 or better). I think first impressions (not only the first cock a girl sees (but also your attidude and confidence about your own cock)) affects how she thinks and percieves your cock and others’ cocks.

1st guy’s cock she sees = actually average size (but hes embarrased about the size).
Cocks after his that are bigger than his, same size OR slightly smaller, but more confident guy attached to said cock will seem bigger to her.

1st guy’s cock she sees = 7.5 X 5.7 (big) (guy is confident)
Cocks after his, even slightly bigger ones (i would venture to say even as big as 8X6 would either seem smaller than 1st cock (therefore “small” according to her) or would seem about the same size as the first cock

Example 2 is foiled though, if bigger cocks have just as confident guys attached to them as the first guy.

My 2 cents….

And like said earlier, how much the girl likes the guy adds (or subtracts from the matter)

I semi agree with this. I get a very similiar corelation to people that are tall. People that never have seen anyone very tall before think I am like 7’4”. WTF is with that? So I see where “PERCEPTION” makes or breaks the deal.

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