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The name of your Penis?


Mine’s usually, “Fucking pathetic excuse for a dick. Little boys are bigger than you are,” particularly when I’m trying to stretch it far enough to clear my pants to urinate.

I call mines sweetness :D

Starting over with the newbie routine on Jan. 1st, 2007.

Originally Posted by longwidehard
The way this is going we may need to have a ‘Best Dick Name’ comp.

Personally I like ElPollo’s ‘The Urinator’ as the best so far with ScottAid’s ‘Jake the Snake’ a short-half-penis-head behind.

Well done guys, keep the names coming.

Haha thanks.

I’ve always call mine “the Mighty Sword of Excalibur” (in loud English accent)

Hans Von Hymenpoppen

Peter Piper the Poon Destroyer!

Vlad the Impaler

Had a girlfriend name it the “Snake” and another “Boa”. I have two birth marks at the top of the glans. They look like eyes hence the snake reference. My wife keeps it simple and just calls it “Cock”.

Hence Your name?


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