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The maximum you can gain

The initial speed of gains is different than the long term gains. They slow down over time. Is like bodybuilding. If you are 20 years old and start lifting weights religiously with a good diet you’ll gain easy 20 pounds of pure muscle the first couple years. However, that doesn’t mean that in 10 years you would have gained 200 pounds of pure muscle.

If I could gain 5 inches total of cock, I could be well over 13 inches long which would be fantastic! lol but unrealistic.

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Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG

You will gain 2” in about 2.5 years

Well, if that’s true, and I think it is, that means that I am bound to PE for 2.5 years, with a bit of luck 2 years :rolleyes: I am such a slow gainer…

Haven’t we all heard it before? Statistics is just information about what someone else did in the past. Does that have any influence over what someone else can do in the future? Absolutely! But only if you buy into it.

However, how would one explain Roger Bannister?

Funnily enough, how many people actually started running the mile under 4 minutes quickly after he did it?

So it’s pretty obvious from such an example that it’s not about the numbers you want to generate. It’s about the attitude you take towards the numbers. Sometimes it takes a person to make a breakthrough to show us all that it is possible.

Mr. Orange put on almost 2 inches of girth in ten sessions alone!

I love filling my head up with those kinds of stories.

What one man can do, another can do.

I hope everyone takes note of those kinds of success stories and realizes he can pump out any number he decides he wants.

Mr. O did not gain 2 permanent inches in girth in 10 session. That is impossible.

The guy posted a grand total of maybe 6 times.

But more to the point…

There is a limit to gains simply because the human body has limits. You can stretch another 5 inches out of your dick, just like those poor, impotent African tribesmen did, but then you will be impotent. They reached there bodies physical limitation, surpassed it, and caused major damage.

Everyone’s threshold is different. Even if you manage to stretch your dick to some massive length what is to say that your heart is strong enough to fill it with blood? Whats to say that your lig’s can erect such a thing and it wont just be a big, floppy third leg?

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I think those numbers are good for a very basic outline for what could be possible for you. You could gain quicker then the outline, or you might gain slower. Everyone is different but it does give a good rough idea to work with in my opinion. To show you what could be possible if you reach your “PE potential”. Obviously the longer you do it the harder the gains become.

It’s about your routine and dedication, bib went from 5.5 to 10.5 in 3.5 years, and that was while he was discovering what a lot of us now know from the start, hanging is a monster

I think making a o.5 gain in 3 months must be quite a encouragement.

Because that must make a huge difference in the numbers.

Going from 6 to 6.5 or from 7 to 7.5

Makes it sound a lot bigger.

Because what I want my initial gain to be is 0.5

Just under three months. Gargghh.

I feel pressuared lol.

I think I’m gonna add some Max Extender time in lol

Any hints?

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

hanging scares the bejebus out of me!!!!!

Originally Posted by Wt282
^What he said

There is no set gain pattern. Some grow fast. Some grow slow. Some grow fast and then slow.. Some grow slow and then fast. Some don’t grow- and then start PE again and grow all of a sudden :)

I second this, I don’t believe you can actually say what someones gains will be.

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No offense intended guys but this thread in itself is a bit of an insult to the poor guys who’ve been slaving away and haven’t gained at all.
I’m not claiming I’m one of those people, I’ve lurked here for years but failed to properly commit, I’ve seen miniscule gains in the few times I actually tried but I do believe.

This doesn’t change the fact that some people have certain genetics which cause them to have significantly more trouble.
I’ve seen at least 3 threads in the past few years where people have gained nothing or a small amount then hit a completely solid wall.

This is effectively false hope for those guys, we’re all built differently.

You can’t start with a 3” cock and work it for 15 years and end up with a 9” monster, there’s got to be limitations here.
Please keep that in mind.

Originally Posted by gymcandyusa

I second this, I don’t believe you can actually say what someones gains will be.

At least, I think it’s safe to say that gains slows down.

5.31” 14 years and 2 months…. Yoinks! Anyone been PE-ing solidly for 14 years and 2 months to back this up?

If the original poster replies we should hear how it goes as he closes in on the half way mark.

I gained 1.5” in 8 months and first inch came in about 4 months (as the newbie gain). The given data is totally false.

Originally Posted by Cyclope
I gained 1.5” in 8 months and first inch came in about 4 months (as the newbie gain). The given data is totally false.

“There are no facts, only interpretations” (Nietzsche). Thus, there is no data to predict PE.
Congratulations for you gains though, Cyclope. nos está robando

What we want we must create.

I don’t think it’s possible to get safe results by extrapolating the data like that.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."


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