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The Condom Ruined My Night


The Condom Ruined My Night

I know I saw a thread on this topic before but couldn’t find it in the search.

Tonite I wore a condom for the first time in 2 years. I’d always worn the regular size that’s usually available anywhere in different flavors, brands, textures. Well I noticed while rolling it on that it was tight and especially at the base it didn’t want to roll all the way down. During sex I had a hard time keeping an erection and finally had to quit without getting off. I went totally limp.

I have gained some pretty good size in girth from uli’s almost an inch and am now a tad under 6” circumference.

What size is good for this thickness? I’m not finding large size anywhere, have seen magnums but always thought this might be too big.

I was completely embarassed tonite because this was my first time with this girl and we did everything to keep it up. I said the condom felt too tight but I think she may of thought It was me. When I took it off my penis was like a purple shade, it scared the hell out of me.

Any feedback would be great.

Condoms ruin every night, whether they’re the right size or not.

It sucks when you don’t cum…especially with a new chick, but aren’t you at least a little bit glad that a regular condom felt tight on you?

Since I don’t have the luxury of needing bigger condoms yet, I’m not sure which brand to point you to. Magnums? Not sure.

Please stand by for an answer from some of Thunder’s Place’s more “donkey-dicked” representatives. Thank you.

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If I remember right, Magnum XL should be about the right size for your circumference. I wish you luck.

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I would suggest a sampling of both Magnum Large and Magnum XL. I think that when I was around 6” the Large version fit okay, snug enough to stay on but not overly tight. The XL fits my 6 1/2” now, and even handles my larger bulks if I’m pumped. Try them on before-hand so you’ll know which works best.

Sorry to hear about your night though. I would imagine that, along with the condom causing you pain, the nervousness of the first time with this lady may have been a double whammy. A suggestion… next time you’re with her, re-iterate how sorry you are for the last time, and then produce the LARGER condoms and say something like “hopefully that won’t be a problem this time”… and give an evil grin.

Not only are you breaking the ice and relieving some of the tension, but you get to show her that she is definitely gonna be getting a little more than average. ;)

Best of luck!


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Man how I hate safe sex! Oh for the 60’s again, when you could just have sex and not have to worry about all this crap. Why did I ever bother with the vasectomy? aarzakk, I am just a tad over 6” girth and use the Magnum Large. It fits fine. I still use the smaller ones often though, as I have not found flavored or non-lubricated ones in large sizes yet (I find most girls really love the Touch of Mint condoms). Yes, they are hard to get on, but in my experience the girls really get excited when they see I am too big to comfortably fit in the same condom all their other dates have easily rolled on. Their excitement keeps me hard even though the fit is tight ;-)

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Also, if you got the girth of your upper shaft as thick as the base, the condom won’t roll up on you.

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condoms suck totally!

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aarzakk, read this thread . They do fit, and in 55 different sizes.



Mint condoms?!?! Where?

My GF would like that!

<------- You likey?

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Originally posted by Gardenier90
Mint condoms?!?! Where?

My GF would like that!

Most girls do! is one place to get them. I usually get a bunch on the way through Miami at a sex shop I frequent there.

Thanks man!

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If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

I’m 5.75” girth, and Magnum XL’s, or those They-fit custom condoms fit much better than regular Magnums. I can’t use regular size condoms at all because they squeeze the life right out of my erection.

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At what girth would one be able to use a Magnum without it falling off or looking loose?

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

I’ve heard that the circumfrence of a regular magnum is 5.2 and an xl is 5.5

Well I’m guessing Magnums might be something I’ll try. I don’t see many of these condoms around, never seen them at the gas station.

But then does Magnum XL fit a 5.5” circumference? I mean the mainstream condom is the standard that i wore the other day, wonder what size that is. Where does the Trojan Large fit in? I always thought the bigger guys wore large and the huge guys wore Magnums. Also i thought this was talked about before in here on the average size and 5” circumference was the conclusion of average. If that’s so and Magnums fit a 5.2”, then large must fit someone 5” or under and the standard must be for those about 4.5”? I refer to the standard size as what i usually see everywhere. If I go in any gas station i never see large or magnums, just all the same size. I’d have to get large or magnums at Walmart or somewhere like that.

It seems like a good idea to custom fit your size to condoms but in my case I’m pretty busy and don’t have sex all that often so i don’t have a need for condoms most of the time. I’d like to just make a quick trip to the store and grab a box.

Plus, damn, if i actually can wear Magnums I’d love to check out with those, usually college hotties working the registers.

I guess I’ll have to check it out. But if Magnum XL fits 5.5” then I’m out of luck. I think it has to go bigger than that because there are guys out there with 6+” round. Hell I’m confused what category I’m in size wise.

Hopefully don’t run into that situation again. I’ve never had problems having sex with condoms, I mean they take some feeling away but I was numb and purple after I took this thing off. I just hope she’s not making jokes about it to her friends, I’d rather be called a minute man than a guy that can’t keep it up.

Thanks for the replies

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