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Well I started up a new routine about 2 weeks ago after taking a long break. Its a simple routine consisting of stretching and jelqing. What I’m doing this time that I didn’t last is that I’m not setting a time to do each exercise. Im just doing the exercise untill I feel that I’ve had a good workout. I only do my workout once a day and always in the morning when I wake up. It seem to be working a lot better. About 2 days ago I added a new exercise to my routine. Well not exactally an exercise, but Ive been wearing a cock ring while I sleep. It seems to be working good. It’s not one of those metal ones. Its a jelly one thats really soft a flexable. It’s not too tight and not too loose. Its just snug and comfortable. I really dont even notice that I’m wearing it.

Now here’s my question. After wearing this for the past 2 nights Ive noticed some soreness around the base. My penis isn’t swore at all, its the skin at the base where my pubic hair is. I believe the cockring pulls on my pubic hair while I’m sleeping, resulting in making the skin a little sore. Its not so sore to the point where its uncomfortable. The skin is just a little sore.

Should I continue to wear the ring? or should I take a day off to let the soreness go away?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated


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I think that you should never do any type of cockring work while you’re asleep because you can’t monitor your penis and the risk of something going wrong is too much for most guys to want to take it. But, since you’ve been doing it and it hasn’t given you a problem, maybe you can just trim your pubes with a razor around the base.

It just might be that your ring is putting pressure for so long on the base because nocturnal erections are usually 30 minutes long and guys get an average of 5 per night! So, you have all this blood being trapped and probably keeping it a bit more inflated and for a longer period of time.

You just might get used to it or you just might have to go shopping for a jelly cockring that’s a 1/8” bigger and just keep going up in 1/8” increments to keep your cockring growing with a bigger dick. Maybe. Good luck with that.

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thanks for the response.

I think Im’ gunna try shaving around there. Im really not look forward to that. I’ve done that before and it really irratating.

Is there any other methods of hair removal that aren’t irritating?
I’ve read about this Magic Shaving Powder. How does that work? Is it any good?


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ever thought of the fact that you have multiple erections at night that keep moving and stretching the skin of your dick? What you are doing is not really healthy. Believe it or not, when you have an erection during the night that means that your dick is relaxing himself, nourishing him with fresh, oxygenated blood to keep the tissue healthy.

A lot of guys think that when you have an erection the penis tightens up, just like a muscle, but that’s just not the case. As weird as it might sound, when a cock gets stiff, it’s in its relaxed state.

I suggest not to use that cock ring during nighttime.

Here’s an interesting link:…e/14/1685_50264

Hope that helps….

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