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So what's the deal with clamping?


“Extreme Two-Stage Freestyle Pumping Jam” could be another event…

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
“Super Agressive BibStyle Hanging X” does sound pretty cool, ‘though…

Sign me up. When do we start airing?

“Look at the hangtime that guy gets!!!!”

“Why, thank you. I can go a full 20 minutes now.”


You guys…:rolleyes: I don’t know…what am I gonna do with ya?


Where do I buy a clamp?

clamping wrap

found that a sports wrist sweat band (elastic kind) makes a cool clamping wrap..

In addition to my regular routine, I sometimes sit with a tight girth wrap under my IR light for about an hour, when my unit is nice and hot, I wrap with a self adhesive wrap and then put the clamp on and then watch some porn and get ultra rock hard for about 10 min, then I do the IR thing again for another hour or 2 and then go for a second clamp session.

I’ve made killer gains from manual clamping (with my hands), the standard clamping is new to me, but it seems a lot more hardcore than my hand grip.(And the expansion is deadly)

BTW I know using words like “killer” and “deadly” when talking about PE probably aren’t the best choice that most want to hear… but oh well. :chuckle:

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Originally Posted by Naughtyby

Where do I buy a clamp?

Got mine at Home Depot. You’ll find them in the electrical section or the Tool section. I have found them in both depending on what store I have gone to. You can also find them at Walmart, but they sell them in sets there. Depot sells them individually.


I tightly wrapped some soft foam around and around the clamp, and hot glued it at several points.
Aside from that, I go bareback.

I do clamped jelq sets in between pumping sets (after hanging), and they are intense, much better than regular jelqing. Highly recommend ii.

Be advised, you need a tough, well acclimated unit for this stuff.

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