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Smoking/Non smoking and PE

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Has smoking effected your PE gains?

I smoke, and it HAS effected my PE gains


I smoke, and it HASN’T effected my PE gains


I DO NOT smoke, and I HAVEN’T had any PE gains


I DO NOT smoke, and I HAVE seen PE gains.

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Fact: smokers over 40 years old are impotent. Smoker normally have high blood pressure.

And heart disease. In my opinion someone PEing shouldn’t smoke,drink alcohol or smoke


Fact: your fact is full of shit. I am over 40 (way over) and smoke like a ham curing business and can still poke holes in drywall with my dick. Am I as healthy as I could be if I didn’t smoke? No. You have to be more careful with that “fact” word.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey d_sut,

Smoking effects the circulation of blood to the brain too. :)

No problem- It was an over rated organ anyway;

Originally Posted by thal
Dude don’t take this the wrong way but it’s common sense man. Mostly smoking effects the walls of blood vessels. You have the Internet there is tons and tons of info out there use it bro. What are you talking about “you control blood flow”. How? You must be the only person ever that can control there blood vessels. SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU. And to think anything else is like living in never never land. Great place, hear the weather is great this time of year. If you would LUV to hear for a fact that smoking is bad for you go to goggle type in smoking health and read the madness. Go to web md. I am just trying to help you my man. Just quit. You will feel better. Not to mention the fact of physical and mental addiction. And ThunderSS is right about the circulation of blood to the brain.…smokehealth.htm

Smoking and impotence

For men in their 30s and 40s, smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) by about 50 per cent.

Did you know?

The British Medical Association estimates that up to 120,000 men have ED because of smoking.

Erection can’t occur unless blood can flow freely into the penis, so these blood vessels have to be in good condition.

Smoking can damage the blood vessels and cause them to degenerate: nicotine narrows the arteries that lead to the penis, reducing blood flow and the pressure of blood in the penis.

This narrowing effect increases over time, so if you haven’t got problems now, things could change later.

Erection problems in smokers may be an early warning signal that cigarettes are already damaging other areas of the body - such as the blood vessels that supply the heart.

Thal: I suppose most of this post could be true. I know about how bad smoking can be for you health, and I am sure every other smoker does. Us smokers arn’t so ignorant as to not know some of these facts, I figure smokers are either a) wanting to give up but looking for the right motivation, or b) comfortable with the fact they smoke and not really too concerned with kicking the habit.

Your looking at the smoking issue from a non-smokers point of view, and being a non-smoker, you can dislike, or even HATE cigarettes. You recycle information you read on the web and in books, or maybe have even heard. Don’t get me wrong Thal, I’m not having a go at you- but just because the Internet, or a book says something, doesn’t mean it’s the law of the land and things will always work that way for everyone.

You are against cigarettes- nothing wrong with that, however this is going to skew your perception of them. Someone like you would only look at all these nice facts and information sheets and ASSUME that because smoking is known to affect blood flow, then it MUST effect people like the facts say!

As I have said before, people respond differently to different things. Two of my mates done steroids; One just got fatter, but broke out with heaps and heaps of pimples, the other got allot bigger (muscle) and even lost a bit of fat, and also, no pimples! AHH what is this meaning? Could it mean that their bodies reacted differently to a foreign chemical? Yes? Precisely.

While your anti-smoking post is fully intended for harmless purposes, your view makes the person who does smoke and PE, second guess themselves and perhaps “zap” a little confidence away. You need the facts that have been applied to real-life, and they are that gains ARE obtainable, smoking or not.

Originally Posted by The Beasty One
I smoke loads and have still had really, really good gains. Nevertheless, what I can say for sure is that it has affected my wood. I have noticed lower quality erections over the months and for this reason alone would love to quit. It just isn’t that easy.

By lower quality what I mean is I lose my erection very slowly after the first edge, even if I hold my ejaculate in. This never used to be the case. I can still get two and sometimes three orgasms in there before it goes too limp to play with, but still I can see a noticeable decline. Depressing really, because everyone I know smokes - it’s gonna be tough.

Beasty One: When did you begin smoking? Was it before or after you began PE? Could it at all be possible that the lower erection levels could be a result of the PE itself?
I have been smoking for about 4 years or so now, and NEVER had any erection problems, but sometimes, like some other members here, after beginning PE my erection levels are not as rock hard, and I think this has something to do with the stress we put on the cocks from PE, and the cock needing just a little more recovery time.

Anyway isn’t this hole circulation point invalid anyway? Alright, even if smoking ceases every drop of blood in your body from flowing, Jelqing is the process of MANUALLY pumping blood into your dick. Smoking or not, you are controlling the flow down the shaft to the head. Bah, I’m over this, gonna have a few pipes.



Originally Posted by thal
Smoking constricts the blood vessels. That is a fact. So if you smoke you have poor circulation. Your dick is all about blood. You figure it out.

Then, if you take aspirin, which opens the blood vessels, your PE should be fantastic!? Sorry, I don’t buy it. Pietro Mennea, after running 200 meters in 19.72 seconds, setting a record lasted 20 years, smoked a nice Marlboro while interviewed on TV. He is still alive and I bet he has a big dick too.

If what caused lung cancer and heart strokes were known, lung cancer and heart strokes would cease to be a problem. Unfortunately, when doctors tell you something is bad for you is because they do not have a cure. In fact, I do not believe smoking is bad for me: I love it! Incidentally, most doctors would even tell that PE is bad for you, but I love PE too!

There has been no scientific or medical research to suggest that smoking effects PE, just like there hasn’t been any evidence to suggest it doesn’t.
In fact, there hasn’t been very much official medical research into PE in general.

So instead of trying to say that smoking affects PE gains by rambling on about how bad smoking is for you in general and supplying some links to government sites it isn’t going to help solve the issue at hand.

If giving up smoking was as easy as going to a few websites etc that would be all good. But people smoke and they shouldn’t be made to believe that because of that; there gains will be hampered


I have smoked for the last 35 years, I’m now 45. I have given the smokes up coming on to just 3 weeks now, no patches or gum. I wish I could say I feel great, but it’s only early days yet. I don’t need the ventolin puffer as much for my breathing and my boner is appearing to be a little harder than previous.

Buby, your nuts. You don’t think smoking is bad for you. Wow. That’s just sad. Anyway, Aspirin thins out the blood. It doesn’t widen the blood vessels. Pietro Mennea most likely trained every day. Woke up at 5 am mixed up a protein shake. Ran all morning, ate a well balanced lunch. Work-outed again ate dinner and got 8 hours of sleep. Your making it sound like he was drinking a beer on the couch and got up ran 200 meters sat back down lit up and cracked another beer open.

Most doctors would tell you PE is bad because of the risk of permanently damaging your penis. But then again plastic surgeons do PE operations all the time.

I think that the time one spends trying to live longer is wasted.

Both sides are equally valid from a non-smokers point of view why do people waste so much money and their health when they know it is bad? But a non-smoker doesn’t actually know how hard it really is to quit. Especially under certain circumstances like if all (most) of your friends smoke, or once smoking is so important that it becomes part of your life and daily routine that without them it feels like something is missing from a whole part of you.

I’ve managed to stop for 3 weeks more with the help of patches, the difference is noticeable already I’m not out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs anymore. Smoking defiantly has affected my circulation my hands go purple when it’s cold and it’s impossible to keep them warm. This might not be the case for everyone, I’m hoping now I won’t get turtle dick so much (Scotland pretty damn cold). I’ve still had pretty good results from PE so I would say that it does not affect gains, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know if my dick has a sudden growth spurt now I’m a smoke free man.

Robbit; that is good work.

I have bookmarked these links on this page. Some sad stories there. Especialy that one about the 19yo athlete who chewed gum.

Fucking tragic.


As a former smoker, I can say that smoking may have reduced my gains. I have not been smoking for about four and a half months. However, I have been subjected to much second hand smoke. Many of my friends smoke. I did not keep up to date measurements when I was a smoker, but at any rate, comparing my starting measurements to my measurements taken after quiting. I noticed an approximate quarter of an inch reduction in length and a third of an inch reduction in girth. Since quiting smoking, I have noticed better erection and my PE sessions feel like they are more effective. Although I had not been practicing PE in a regimented manner when I was a smoker, I feel that even if the smoking didn’t reduced my size, it probably didn’t help.

To reiterate what others have already said, different chemicals affect different people in different ways. With my personal experience, I can say that smoking probably effected my ability in PE in a negative way. Case in point, I have a friend who has been smoking for over five years and he has a thick eight incher. He has not had any problems performance wise. Although he did have a problem with a varacose vein strangling his testicle which cause much pain during ejaculation. To my understanding of how he described it, the varacose vein devolped because of constricted circulation. Also, I have another friend who has this varacose vein, although he wasn’t a smoker of cigarettes, he was an occasional smoker of marijuana.

Based on these real life experiences of myself and my friend, I must say that I’m glad that I quit smoking. It’s widely know that smoking causes many maladies such as lung cancer, etc. With these three different cases in mind, that smoking may have certainly been a factor in these genital problems. Ergo, in my mind, smoking may very well be bad for PE.

I quit smoking about a week and a half ago (11/17) cold turkey. I smoked less than half a pack per day so my process may be easier than someone who smokes more (although I did smoke that same amount every day for ten years or so). All I can say is that starting on 11/19, I’ve had morning wood every day up until this morning. Before that day, my morning wood would happen every once in a while, maybe a couple of times per month. I am also noticing that I seem to be having erections more often. I am skeptical that this could be a mental thing, and that all this is happening because I expected it and it’s a manifestation of my preconceived “rewards” of quitting, but either way it’s nice.

I know haven’t beaten this thing completely yet but so far, some of the other benefits are that my hands and clothes don’t smell like smoke, I don’t have to measure how many smokes I have left vs. when I’ll be going out again (in other words I don’t have to stop at the store to “stock up” if I’m staying in for the weekend or whatever), I don’t need to plan my next smoke break, if I’m going somewhere I don’t need to worry whether or not smoking is allowed, that feeling of being chained to this addiction is slipping away and there is great freedom in that. I totally understand smoking. I loved it. I still love it and I’m pissed that I can’t do it after a big meal or at the end of the day but I know it could kill me one day and honestly I just got tired of thinking of myself as a “smoker”, I was also tired of not having a choice. Wherever I went, whatever I did, I had to work smoking into the equation in some way.

Crap, sorry if this turned into a bad motivational speech, just wanted to share some of the benefits I’ve experienced.

"...this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to..."

- Maynard James Keenan

An addiction to anything is hard to quit. It calls your name everyday of your life. Most days you can’t hear the addiction calling out to you. But if you have a bad day, fuck up at work, get in a big fight with someone you love, money problems….then you can hear it calling to you again, even if you have quit for years.

It is all will-power. If you truly want to quit and you are strong enough you will. I think Metallica’s Master of Puppets say it all about addiction. Bow to your master. Cigarettes, Beer, Weed, Coke, Cupcakes, the only thing that is a good addiction is pussy.

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I’ve smoked for almost eight years (only 23 of age now) and I can say that it really has had no adverse affectr in terms of my weight lifting or peing. I’ve quit on more than one ocassion for months (3-5) at a time.

I started PEing after during a four month no smoking period. I had no gains. I started smoking again, and a few weeks later I had my first measurable gains.

I lifted intensely during my no smoking over one summer. Nothing. I started smoking again, and I was curling ten more pounds and kranking out weight on my triceps.

Smoking, effects everyone differently. It makes me happier and seems to agree


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