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SMOKING equals NO Gains?

SMOKING equals NO Gains?

I smoke almost 20 cigarettes a day.

I heard it’s bad for the penis in many ways (and the rest of the body, of course)

Will I have no gains or will it just be more difficult?

I noticed I can gain girth pretty easily but
it’s very difficult to get any length gains. So I’m focusing on length.

I’M 24 years old, not overweight. Currently taking Ginko Biloba
450mg & L-Arginine 1000mg.

My measures today:
Length Bone Pressed: 7” (18cm)
Girth ………………….: 5.9” (15cm)

I only know centimeter measures for sure,
I think 1 inch=2.54cm

Thanks for any advice on this.

Will I have no gains or will it just be more difficult?>>

I don’t think anyone can honestly answer your question, but if thinking you’ll get better gains will help you quit - go with that.

You have ample size in both length and girth already - if you don’t gain a millimeter you are ahead of most men already.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I smoke not for much longer but I’m sure the damage is already done 35yrs old and been at smoking for 15 years now. I’m on the verge of quitting for better health and now that in CT they are 44.00 a carton!!!

But anyways I have found slow gains but they are there no doubt! I feel that if I didnt smoke I might have quicker gains but I cant substancaitae that.

But heck do what you gotta and see what happens. Its only going to do you good

I owe all of my gains to Bib, Thunder & DLD.

Thank you just dosent seem to cover it.

I'll be forever indebted to Them!!

You need to quit or at least cut down. I have cut down to 1-2 a day sometimes none, which is good for erection strength, although they are not back to normal yet. I was practically impotent and I am 100% sure it was/is caused by smoking. When you stop your circulation will improve, allowing you to fill the penis with the extra blood it needs to realise any gains. And there’s the whole cancer and heart disease thing which I would like to avoid if possible.

It is very difficult to do, but the best way is to buy a different brand everytime you buy your smokes, which will stop the habit of brand smoking. Then everytime you are going to light one, wait for exactly 60 secs, then if you still want it, go ahead. But then it is about choice instead of impulse. After a while you can wait for 2 mins, 5 mins etc. I wish you luck if you decide to quit!

Oh and also, you are taking ginkgo and L-A, I assume for erection strength/circulation. Consider that smoking may cancel the effects of the supps, effectively burning your money away too.


I would love to quit but it is too dificult right now. My imput is that I smoke over a pack a day and have still gotten decent gains, if that means anything.

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I smoke, once again… Bad for me as I exercise a lot also (run, tennis, team sports etc.) , but I tend to have these seasons when I smoke etc… I’ve made my first gains now when I’ve been smoking (is that why I’ve gained !?!?! LOL). And according to mighty DLD you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, even if it doesn’t do good for anyone..

A Man behind his mask.



I drink on occasion (every weekend) and when I do, i always light up a cigar, it helps the buzz hit me much faster, do you think this occassional usage could affect my gains???

I can resist everything except temptation...

Originally posted by Johan
I smoke, once again… Bad for me as I exercise a lot also (run, tennis, team sports etc.) , but I tend to have these seasons when I smoke etc… I've made my first gains now when I've been smoking (is that why I've gained !?!?! LOL). And according to mighty DLD you shouldn't have anything to worry about, even if it doesn't do good for anyone..

Hey maybe Smoking Helps Gain

*runs off to the store and buys 10 more cartons*

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Actually as an interesting side note. Nicotine slows the onset of a alcohol related buzz. Means you feel the liquor less and need MORE of it to get the same effect.

Some people smoke to keep stress at bay, the nicotine acts as a cheap ass substitute or the seratonian or melatonian in your brain. I am such a sucky psych major I always mess up those two.

I was a prolific drinker a few years back. I enjoyed snoking at the same time too. It was an activity to do while waiting between my next drink and my empty glass.

I used to smoke about a pack a day plus maybe 3 to 5 cigars the real cheap ass kind. I quit for about 2 weeks when suddenly I tried pushing a Hyundai Excel which stalled out in hot weather at like 10 to 15 miles an hour. I almost droppeddead. Chest pains for days and weeezing too! Good GOD. I thought I would throw a 7 right there and take a pine box vacation.

You are really a bad smoker if you smoke in the bathroom especially the shower.

Originally posted by twatteaser
You are really a bad smoker if you smoke in the bathroom especially the shower.

Thats nothing….I Smoke when I Jelq too :)

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Originally posted by doublelongdaddy

Thats nothing….I Smoke when I Jelq too :)

Cool. That would be a nice situation to see, if you change hands after each stroke :D Ding ding dong.. Remember also to switch the cigarette not to burn your weenie LOL

A Man behind his mask.


From the halls of higher learning, Popular Science magazine, October 2001 issue (hey, I read them all eventually) page 37.


Nicotine Surprise
It's not all bad.

James Jang was down in the dumps. As a student at Stanford Medical School, he had been studying nicotine's effects on veins for a while, but he wasn't getting anywhere.

“He came to me and said his project was a failure”, says associate professor John Cooke. “I asked, 'Is the equipment working?'”

“Yes,” Jang said. “But the data is a little screwy.”

Actually the data wasn't screwy at all-just completley unexpected. Cooke and Jang had assumed that since smokers suffer from narrowed veins and poor circulation, nicotine was the culprit. However, Jang's study revealed nicotine actually stimulates the division of cells. And when Cooke's associates tested nicotine in lab mice with artery disease and lung cancer, they discovered it promoted growth of new blood vessels in the mice.

Cooke says this discovery suggests that nicotine could be used to heal wounds or treat other disorders in which blood flow is impeded, such as diabetes (he's already found that the chemical helps wounds heal faster in animals). It's also being tested to help people with neurologocal disorders like Parkinson's disease and Tourette's syndrome.

But if it's not nicotine that causes poor circulation in smokers-giving them dull skin and a drawn look-what is it? Hard to say:Tobacco contains more than 4,000 chemicals.

Gunjan Sinha

Now I’m not using this as an excuse to keep smoking, just thought it was interesting the way a popularly held opinion was way off the mark. Smoking is nasty shit, don’t do it or stop if you can. I also know from personal experience that nicotine makes a kickass insecticide.

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I live next to one of those expensive lawyers for the tobacco suits. He and I sneak cigaretts out in the forrest. ..I asked him what startled him on the whole cigarette thing.

He said that the professional Dr. witnesses against smoking were physicians. And that the pro smoker Dr.s were chemists. Both were not condoning smoking (if only for the irritants and foreign matter)….point being.

The chemists/researchers do not see a correlation to disease and the pack or less a day smoker….The physicians see a correlation on disease and the over a pack crowd. Neither sides evidence is conclusive. Depends on the jury persuation. No evidence on second hand smoke, unless it is constant and then only if the person is in bad shape to begin with.

Most is a brain wash, activist smoking police job for the sake of stopping kids from starting. Lawyers love this trumped up arguement and seek to milk it for the next few decades. The profits are astronomical, and avarice abounds.

Kids are smoking more now than ten years ago. That surprised me because I thought it was on the decrease.

Face it, it is a dumb habit.

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