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Slight warning

Slight warning

Hello everybody, this is my first post, yay… I’ve been doing PE off and on for a couple years and have gotten about .75” growth in length. I used to use the swim cap method, then I bought the BIB hanger and a PJ and used both of them for a while. About a month ago, I added another 2.5 lbs to the BIB (total of 10). That was to much at the time and I ended up thrombosing a vein. I was laying back to get a real good stretch and there was a burning sensation in my penis. I even did it again the next night. Then I noticed a rather large bump and some skin discoloration. The area was also kind of scratchy/itchy but didn’t hurt to bad. After a little research I narrowed the injury down to a thrombosed vein. Anyways, I quit all PE for the last month and took some aspirin daily for a week or so thinking it would help (supposedly thins the blood). I’m just about back to normal now thankfully. Anyways, I could have avoided the whole thing if I would have listened to my body in the first place. I plan on starting again soon, but slower and more carefully this time. Hopefully newbies can learn from my mistake…

Welcome aboard !!!

Hey Magic Dragon,
Welcome aboard. Thanks for posting the warning, maybe it will help some of the new guys err on the side of caution. Question for you. Did you use a hot wrap or any kind of a warm up??

Aspirin helps a thrombosed vein by dissolving the clot, it is an anti-coagulant, and that is all a thrombosed vein is, a clot impeding the normal bloodflow. Take it easy when you start back up and keep an eye on that vein.

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Thats another thing I was neglecting… I have since bought a heating pad.


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