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Size's PE Data Site

Size's PE Data Site

I have answered several questions regarding the effectiveness of PE - i.e. Does it work? There have been many members of this forum who have had good size gains. This is certainly a motivation for everyone. I encourage everyone to post their stats in Size’s forum so others can see the progress. Even if you have small gains, providing this information is beneficial. So, how about it guys?

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I’ll second that:) The more people who post the better idea we will get of reasonable averages and the better chance of finding someone with similar stats to your own. Even if you are getting no gains, it makes sense to post this fact if only so others in the same boat don’t feel they are the only ones.

Also a lot of the routines sections are empty (they were trashed at one point) so it would make sense to check your routine is still there.

Must admit that I am guilty of this crime. I will do so this week. I do find myself browsing through it, so its only fair that I post my gains.

Jelk, Mem


be back soon

one measurement! how long have you been PE’ing now? I’m glad I put my measurements in because I accidently deleted the text file I was recording them in before.

You didn’t do the routine section by the way :(


I tried to put my routine in there but due to a bug in the software or operator error (ie me), no workie. And I do not have the patience once things with computers don’t work to persevere.

I will try again when I am in a better frame of mind.

As far as the number of measurements: no need to update if nothings changed, IMHO. That pisses me off too. Thanks for reminding me…now, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour in some lemon juice?


be back soon


sorry, (mumble incoherently) um I was just suprised and obviously didn’t filter my thoughts through a possible reasons filter before answering.

Yeah the routine thing didn’t work for me either but once I’d put my measurements in 3 times over along with the routine I found that mine appears in glorious twiceovision. Its either that or its 3D or something but I don’t think I have any of those 3D glasses left over from watching Jaws 3D.

Up to date...

I finally entered my numbers. The routine page wanted minutes per day before it would accept. My time varies, so I just put in zero.

I measure every month, but only added entries for months when length or girth changed. Might be a good idea though, as memento suggested, to make an entry after x months (3, 6,?) even if there are no gains to give a better picture of plateaus and long-term results. Or, at least to let everyone know we’re still around.

Mem…maybe mine is there too. I’ll check. I just hate shit that doesn’t work.


be back soon

Posted starting data!

Hi, I’m a newbie. Been lurking and reading the board most of October. Following a commercial program I bought, I did jelking and static stretches with zero gains. Didn’t feel like what I was doing was improving anything (including erections). My Power Jelk arrived today, and I gave it a go…followed by JAI stretches. Loved it!! Bought a pump locally several weeks ago, and my cylinder arrives from LA Pump tomorrow…so I’ll be adding pumping between jelking sessions. Also ordered a BiB Starter, so when it gets here I’ll do some hanging as well. I have set some ambitious goals…the first being to go from 6.1 x 4.5 to over 8 x 6 in the next 12 months!! I’ll be doing PE on and off throughout the day (work from home), 5 on and 2 off. Posted my starting data on Size’s chart today. I’ll post updates once a month.

Glad I found this place!!! Let’s all get hung!!


bigjack —- I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!!!

Posted my stats today!

I have been on and off with PE for about six months but never maintained a routine for any substantial amount of time. I didn’t measured before so even though I’m sure I have gained some size, I will consider my current size as starting measurements. I’ll update them on a monthly basis.

Currently, I am on a mission for length. I am 7.25 bone-pressed but a mere 6.25 non bone-pressed. I will be content with an 8 inch BP and 7 inch NBP. My girth appears to be above average at 5.75 but after my length goals are attained I will concentrate on that aspect of PE. Later, BC

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress" Stephen Douglas

What about negative gains?

It has occurred to me that a significant number of men have reported permanent/long term injuries or negative side effects of PE. For each man that mentions these negative side effects there are undoubtedly dozens staying on the sidelines and waiting for a solution.

By identifying who has realized negative gains, such as discolouration or numbness, we can more accurately gauge how widespread the problems are and maybe, just maybe, someone will post with solutions.

I don’t know how difficult it would be to alter the existing site but it would provide substantial benefit to all of the members, particularly the newbies, if an injuries category were added?

Ideally and in all fairness, it should be something that could be viewed at first glance as the database has tons of room to streamline each column and newbies have a right to see that some guy gained 2” in length but his dick is now ugly as hell.

Totaly agree.

I guess that is currently a job for the personal reports forum. But you are right its hard to do stats when there’s no standard way to give that info.

Also it’d be nice to relate a routine to a period and the gains/losses in that period, as routines change over time.

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