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size i want unattenable?

size i want unattenable?

hi i am currently (no pe just got PJ device brilliant uli strech and jelqu all in one!)at 6.25 x 5 ,is it possible with dedication for me to reach 8.25 x 6 or 6.5?, my girlfriend likes the idea (wonder why )and is willing to help.i was planning on doing two 20 minute sessions ie 20 mins PJ 20 mins rest another 20 mins PJ every other day is this a good idea to allow rest days every other day?also PJ device is not “:sore:” to use very comfy but i might not be squeezin hard enough, i am getting engorged so a prob doing ok . I know its not supposed to be sore , any advice is always welcome to all

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Yes you can

It takes a lot of time, focus and dedication. That means sticking with the exercises and stretching and jelqing and uli’s. 6 days a week is my schedule. I started smaller than you did. I was 5.75 erect. Now 7.5 bpe. Girth start was 5.25 now is 6.25. This took two years to accomplish but the results are worth the effort. Just make up your mind that is what you want and you will get it. You will thank yourself when you start to see some gains. That will encourage you to do more. Just stay with it and focus in your mind how you want your penis to look in say 6 months or 1 year. It is as much mental imagery as it is physical change. Good luck and don’t stop.

thanks this might sound crude but i dont look at it as exersise i look at it as something that i like and want to do ? i mean when i think of all the years and time spent jacking off for no reason other than a quick thrill, then i could have been pe’ing and doing myself some good? just a thought i will keep at it , the fact that my girl freind wants to help is encouraging


Yeah you can get there if you stick it out, Oh yeah and it will seem like work before you know it. It’s very hard to keep a good mental attitude.


thanks deno. i am ery good i think at keeping to things i also do yoga which helps you focus and relax but hey thanks for advice and encourament it good to know i can get there .do you use the PJ? just want to know if anyone else uses it i can tell you its much more intense than hand jelqu? thanks again

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