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Should there be a separate forum specifically for the smaller guys

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Should there be a separate forum specifically for the smaller guys?




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I strongly support the idea of a separate forum for SMALL PENISES.

It would be beneficial to have a separate forum for SMALL PENIS related discussion. I’ve noticed that a large group of men that post here at Thunder’s have issues about their size. This forum would give voice to those concerned about their size without feeling ‘off topic’. It would provide a direct point of entry for members that have a serious issue with their size and could be a great resource for others with this special need.

Having a forum specifically for ‘small penis’ related issues does not mean that ONLY those with small penises are allowed to post. The Blue Room forum, of which I am an active poster, doesn’t exclude those that aren’t depressed, insecure, or angry. The inclusion of these individuals give an enlightening perspective of being on the ‘other side’ while allowing sufferers the very therapeutic and inspiring luxury sharing their experiences. As with all separate forums it is designed to house posts of a particular type which would otherwise be drowned in a sea of PE techniques, and ‘crotch watch’ experiences. Furthermore, it provides a useful resource for those interested in similar topic. Without a dedicated forum, how likely would users find specialized discussion?

I am grateful for the Blue Room forum. I was dealing with depression for the majority of my adult life and completely devastated when I broke up with my fiancee, lost my home, and my job. At the time, I was SEVERELY depressed and was having passive suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, there was a place that I was able to vent, get advice, and give it. Today, I stand a new man with a firm grip on life. Without that forum, I wouldn’t have had a place to go, and can only imagine what my fate might have been.

Although I don’t have a ‘small dick’ (at least I don’t think so ;) ), I’m sure that there are many issues that could be discussed by members in a dedicated forum.

Great idea, jelqbeginner.


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

I would say no. I started several yrs ago at 5.75 long. I think a small size site would have not given the encouragement that this site gives. I am now slightly larger than 7 and I owe to this site and the help from all of the articles here and the encouragement that we give eachother. One site for all is my vote.

No No No No No.

If you stretch it, it will grow. If you clamp it, she will know.

I do think there should be a forum just for P.E because the most popular threads have nothing to do with it.

Starting: (2/1/06) (nbpel=7.8) (bpel=8.15) (eg=5 3/16)

06/29/07: (nbpel=8 1/2) (bpel=9) (mid eg=6) (base eg 6.25)

Comparison Pictures, 8in to 9in= My Comparison Pic thread.

If you start with a forum that is exclusively for smaller dicks then you might as well start one exclusively for bigger dicks. And from there you can go to forums for thicker dicks only and one for thinner dicks only.

I’d think it would be a mess that is best avoided. Also, the name of a forum for smaller dicks - how depressing is that? Hardly encouraging.

I think the thread title is misleading people to think that a SMALL DICK forum would exclude anyone that didn’t have a small dick…

It would only exclude those that don’t have an interest in the issues that surround dudes with mini tally-whackers…


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

Personally, I believe that there should be a forum for left-handed, Vegan clampers born under the astrological sign Sagitarius (on an odd-numbered year). This is a severely under-represented group here at Thunder’s Place.


Personally, as someone who can be considered small (currently 5’1” long and 4’2 girth) AND left-handed, I signed up because of the threads and different opinions about PE. I’ve found incredibly important information that, otherwise, I wouldn’t have found. And let me say that most of the “small” guys would prefer more threads like that:
Give Her the Big O

Because there you find what you can do with your tool, despite it’s size, and that’s something that makes my confidence go high and curiously, at the end, renew my determination to continue PE even if the gains are slow.

As a newbie here, that were my 2 cents, hope my English was clear enough.

Hi arioh,

Your English is very good; however, did you know that ’ and ” are the symbols for feet and inches in English?

You have a penis that is 5 feet 1 inches long and 4 feet 2 inches around! ;)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

All of us here are (or were) smaller than we wanted to be. I don’t see the need to further isolate guys who perceive themselves to be smaller, since we have all been there if only in our minds.



Originally Posted by iamaru
Hi arioh,
You have a penis that is 5 feet 1 inches long and 4 feet 2 inches around! ;)

Yes, incredible gains there, only that the next day I measured and I was again 5.1” x 4.2”. Damn it!

About my English, one of the collateral gains of doing PE is the amount of English vocabulary that you learn. Maybe it’s hard to find situations to use this sort of vocabulary, but will have a try with the tourists.

Measurection is another forum site for those concerned but hey don’t focus on excercises. I too feel that the less than average don’t speak out often enough. There is such a prevalence of pic posts by those with more than average dimensions. It’s natural to not do so, even those who aren’t less than average will lurk. Some people don’t want their penis seen regardless. I had been concerned with fat pad appearance and resisted posting pics involving it for the longest time.

PE is for everyone. As avocet8 said we all share a feeling that we don’t have enough. Thats why we are all here. I do hope we see more pic posts and comments after this thread.

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There is a similar debate going on in measurerection, and it has resulted in a forum for people of 4 inches of smaller being created.


For our demands most moderate are,

We only want the earth.

James Connolly

You can make separate forums but you cannot really separate them. It’s not like that small guy forum will be invisible to the others.

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I support a separate forum for small people because there are some people, who possess 7”X5”, think themselves that they need to gain a couple more inches. What can a guy with 4 or 5 inch say about their size? I mean sometimes small guys have lost their voice in this forum. They definitely need a specific support group, and need to make their voice heard in this forum.


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