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I keep my pubic fuzz timmed to less than 1/8th of inch to razored to faciltate pump seal. The trick is first to use a beard trimmer to knock your shave pattern down to stubble(GUARD UP). Then hot shower, turn away from spray and suds, suds, suds. Use a disposable razor that has been dulled by a few face shaves, hold the penis up pinched between the bottom V of the glans and the top and start shaving. The dull razor cuts less close so less nicks. If you repeat this 3 showers in a row, you get all the stubble and are smooth.


Shaving isnt that bad for me. At least I won’t have nasty pubic hair to deal with- it gets itchy and sweaty. And imo pubic hair is ugly.If I’m watching a porn and either the girl or guy has tons of nasty pubic hair ill change the scene. I’m not into guys, but pubic hair in general grosses me out. And I won’t go near a girl who isnt almost completely bald down there, ugh. Anyways, does anyone know if those bladeless shaving systems work? You know like nads, or similiar type systems?

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How long does the hair have to get before you can wax again? Isn’t that a problem with waxing?

I normally wax once a week or every other week. A week’s growth of say 1/8th-inch is no problem to remove by waxing. The regeneration time for a hair is probably 4-6 weeks so if you wax weekly you’re only removing about one out of five possible hairs. The first time is obviously the worst. Once you wax you won’t go back.

I normally shave about 3/4 inch up my pubic area from the base of my unit. Then I shave my penis where it needs it about every other day. The itching is gone at this point as I’ve been doing it so long. Today is the first time I shaved my balls though. I thought I’d try it just to experiment. They are smooth, although I doubt it will help anything relating to PE, but the wife might like them!!

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I beg to differ here. My wife loves, and I mean loves a freshly tweezed shaft and sack. Tweezing is the way to go. It takes a while the first time but it gets easier and quicker. An hour a week now and I am good to go. And thanks to Thunder’s it looks nothing like a baby’s penis. :D

What is this Kalo stuff Shaggy? I need to get some.…nfo.cfm/prod/61

RTG, ^ its hair removal cream, if you hadnt already found out …not sure how it works, but i dont think id try it. im sticking with the tweezing.

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I was wondering, does anyone have an issue with really long leg hair, because if I trim down there, I think it would look really strange beside my really long leg hair on the upper thigh.

Something else I was wondering if anyone can comment on.. My facial hair is really course. My gf says that I damage her face anytime I make out with her and I have stubble. Can anyone suggest something that makes facial hair not as sharp?

The hair on my dick is a nuisance, more the result of a bodged circumcision than PE/stretching. I’ve tried the tweezer, it’s slow; I’ve tried wax without effect; shaving is an itch waiting to happen. Has anyone any experience with a epilator, eg Phillips HP6463?

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There are a few threads regarding shaving/trimming/waxing/plucking/tweezing etc..see the search button for info..

Penitrant, I would recommend sticking with the plucking/ may be slow and laborious - but if you PE you’ll know that patience is a virtue. :)

Tweeze tweeze tweeze - it feels AMAZING, and the wife agrees

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Guys, i use to shave with no problem apart from the itching but that subsided. But about 2-3 months ago i shaved as usual, but after afew days i developed all these pimples or whiteheads around the area i shaved. It really looked gross to be honest. This had never happened before, and it really freaked me out. It took about 3-4 weeks for the pimples to die down, but till today i still have red marks from the pimples that do not seem to go away. Needless to say it really shits me. Has anyone had this happen to them, and how can i treat it? Lesson learnt, never shave again!


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