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ROP Study Needed

ROP Study Needed

This is a repost from Edward at Men-Health Forum. It is being copied and placed here with his permission:

Originally posted by Edward

Greetings ROP users – I have done a personal study of my own that I wish to share on the effects of the ROP during masturbation and beyond orgasm. The following process shows my applications and procedures for the sake of obtaining the most accurate results possible:

* Contents:
1-ROP; 1-pieces of 3” stranded 12 gage copper wire; and a multi-volt meter set to read millivolt.

* Assembly:
After removing the wire insulation from the 12-gage wire, I split the strands up to make to pieces of wire. With the ROP off my body, I looped and twist tied the ends together on the center of each rod securely while making sure that the lead ends were projected outward and away from my body prior to place it on me. In the bathroom, where I carefully placing the ROP on me, I had used the placed the top of the toilet bowl tank to rest the volt meter on, so that I was able to read the meter. I then proceeded to connect the probes of the volt meter by securing it with the use of alligator clips on the ends of the probe to the wire leads on the rods…so as to free my hands to be use for masturbating with.

* Procedure:
In a flaccid state, I allowed voltage readings to stabilize for about 5 minutes or so. I then began to masturbate to about 33% erect and stopped to maintain for about 1-minute…I then continued to masturbate to about 66% erect and stopped to maintain for about 1-minute…I then continued to masturbate to about 100% erect and maintained for about 1-minute. My final step and measurement was to find peak voltage readings during orgasm and again about 1-minute after orgasm.

* Results: Voltage increased and maintained with very nominal variances during each phase of the erect state percentages while maintaining the erect states…upon where it peaked at orgasm with a range difference of as much as .100 on the volt meter and then immediately dropping off by as much as .030 and maintaining itself just 1-minute after orgasm.

Possible definitions of these results are left to the opinions of those who wish to comment on this experiment.

I tested this too and found the same results. This may lead to the answer of the question about mastrubation and whether it would harm growth by doing it.

Fellow ROP users, test this and see if your results are similar. Post them here.



Sorry, I quit reading after “volt meter”

That’s someone else’s name for Tom Hubbard’s - ball zinger.

Why does this voltage change surprise anyone? Assuming it’s worn around the whole package, the more erect the penis, the harder the metals are pressed into the skin. Better contact = more voltage.

Just found the results interesting. Most theorize that after masturbation that testosterone goes down. I have no way of confirming this. The voltage drop may have some correlation to it though.

I’d think that a drop in testosterone would have more to do with chemistry than electricity.

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Originally Posted by hobby
Assuming it’s worn around the whole package, the more erect the penis, the harder the metals are pressed into the skin. Better contact = more voltage.

Now THAT makes sense.

You do know that a voltage between 2 points in an electrical system does not mean there has to be a current going through the system or how much. For example if you take a 1.5V battery a voltmeter would measure 1.5V if it’s hooked up to a light or not, it stays 1.5V.

The voltage drop was within seconds of ejaculation. No change in the erection level. I can’t explain that.Edward, the guy who posted has checked this several times, always the same effect.

From what I gather from looking at the device, it’s just the old science experiment where you create a circuit through an electrolyte solution using zinc and coppor anode and cathode. It mentions filling the tubing with salene solution, which is an excellent conductor of electricity. Perhaps during ejaculation the increased blood flow, as well as increased contact on the metal parts, provides more electrolytic matter for current to pass through, accounting for the voltage increase between anode and cathode. Does this have anything to do with testosterone? I seriously doubt it. It looks like a neat science experiment to me, but nothing more.

I was discussing this with another user of the device and between both of us during or talk, it was mentioned that the body has it’s own electrical field generated. I also looked back to the medical classes I had taken and remembered the reproduction classes. I got to thinking about it, and thought that the spermatazoa must lay dormant per say until passing through the electrical field produced in the penis during ejaculation. If you think about it, the individual sperm in the body, if it swam would expend all it’s energy prior to being evacuated. The sement provides a nutrient base for the sperm cell to draw from. The phase just before and during the ejaculation process. IE: voltage increase. This could be how the body stimulates the sperm to begin swimming. This may account for the reading change. The voltage drop just after may be the natural occurance of the bodily reaction to ejaculation. The increased voltage may also serve to stimulate heightened nerve sensitivity. Just a passing thought.

So my penis eloctrocutes my sperm into life, like Frankenstein did with his monster? I guess to prove this you’d need to measure the current coming off your penis without the ring on.

How do you Clean your ROP by the way?

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