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Restart after two year break!

Restart after two year break!

I started originally in 2004, with a newbie routine, after 6months went more advanced tech, squeezes, clamping, and some pumping. I started at 6.75BPEL, and 5.125 MSEG, using a basic manual stretching, and 30 min of jelqing. After 3 months i went to 7.1BPEL, and 5.25MSEG. I continued 30-40 min of jelqing, combined with some edging, and some compression squezes. At 6 months my BPEL 7.4, and 5.4MSEG, with 5.7 Base girth. My last measurement, was at about 9 months, just before I quit, should have stayed with it as I was making good gains. I left off at 7.6BPEL, and 5.4MSEG.

I officially restarted


routine for restart, probably for 1-2 months

300 jeqs
10-15min edging, combined with compression squeezes
2x10 min clamping

After the first week my base girth is exploding, after clamping to 5.8-9 / MSEG 5.5-6

i won’t be measuring again until 09/01/07


BPEL 7.6 x 5.4MSEG/ 5.8Base

I’m surprised no one else has replied to this thread! :thumbs: Sounds like you are on to some great gains. Keep us posted on what happens. A lot of people ask about taking breaks and then PEing again. I’m currently on an extended break while I stretch another part of my penis lol. Once I’m satisfied with that, then it’s back to PEing for me; and hopefully I’ll end up with results like yours.

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Good luck man. I reccommend that you measure every 2-4weeks just to make sure that you are doing something right and gaining. By not measuring for a long time you may have lost size and not even know it.

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During this time you lost any gains?

I lost .1 in girth, length stayed the same, some of the vascularity went away as well. I have been wearing a cock ring alot during sex, over the last two years, purhaps that why my base girth, stayed a steady 5.7-8


BPEL 7.6 x 5.4MSEG/ 5.8Base

Wow, thats lucky you didn’t lose anything. I lost almost everything when I stopped for less than a year, keep it up though.

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