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Reading New Posts

Reading New Posts

Normally new posts are highlighted by being shown in bold (i.e. dark) type face. Why is that sometimes when I log on all posts are shown in normal type face (i.e. unbolded)? I prefer the bolded method as most of the time I only want to read the new posts. Is there something I need to change in my settings to ensure that new posts always appear bolded; or is it just that sometimes when I log on there aren’t any new posts to highlight?

After you are finished reading today, try deleting all of your Thundersplace cookies. That usually works for me. Also, make sure you log out when you are finished reading every time. The log out link is accessed by clicking the Quick Lines button at the top right of every page, or you can click on your avatar on the main forum page and access the log out link that way.

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Sometimes it happens that after I read all new (bolded) posts and come back later the posts which I have read appears bolded again. How to solve this out?

Sorry if this is lame question but how to delete forum cookies? Can’t find that option.

Originally Posted by goin4length
Sorry if this is lame question but how to delete forum cookies? Can’t find that option.


In Firefox you can delete all cookies by selecting Tools -> Delete private data. Make sure the checkmark next to cookies is checked, then click the “Clear Private Data Now” button.

Or you can sort through them manually. Edit -> Preferences. Select the “Privacy” tab, then click the “Show Cookies” button.


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