Here is how I where my Penimaster. First, I heat up my member. Some like the heated wash cloth but I like going straight to the tub facet and adjusting the heat to a comfortable but hot level. Then I get a 3/4 erection, put on the socks provided with the PM and then put on a piece of cloth which I have fashioned from a bandanna. I fold the bandanna in quarters and cut a X into the upper center so I can place over the member. This will prevent your balls from becoming irritated. I place this directly under the base of the PM, this absorbs the sweat and increasing how comfortable it is during wearing. I then put the base of the PM over the socks and against the cloth. I use both socks, one right under the head and the other right at the base of my member. Then something I just started which I really like, I use non-stick wrap (a gauze like material) over top of the upper sock just behind the head. If wrapped while semi-erect, you will hold the blood in the head making it larger like an erection. The sock absorbs any perspiration and the tape allows the blood filled head to anchor against any slippage. Once the head strap is on, I use a piece of double sided velcro and wrap around the head strap so the upper finger grips and strap already pulled through can be wrapped around. The velcro I use is used for wrapping network cable. I do this so the strap does not start slipping and you loose your adjustment. This will help your member from slipping out of the harness and cause more irritation.

After getting a good suggestion, still testing idea but reading indicates this is a good idea, I use infared lamp to heat for a limited time on my member while stretching. This is supposed to loosen the lig’s and promote healing.

Here is a link about the infared lamp usage. If I misunderstand the material, let me know.…d_benefit.shtml

I was looking for other peoples ideas on the amount of tension to apply while still getting the desired affects when I ran across this thread. I am looking for comparisons with lots of tension versus low tension. I can not wear for as long as some due to job and activities but I shoot for at least 3 hours a day.

Hope I have added something that will help.

Good luck,