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I have been PEing since the end of May. I describe my routine as casual. Jelqs‚ stretches‚ and squeezes in no particular order‚ 20-30 minutes maybe 5 out of 7 days. Plan to get more regimented once the kids are back in school (and after my scheduled vascetomy in Septemper). I work out of my home.

I visit Thunder’s throughout the day‚ mainly posting over at DW’s forum. Don’t have much to add or brag about here (wishes I did) but love reading and learning from everyone. Thanks to all for their input and thanks to Thunder for having this site.

Anyways: I measured myself last week and realized I gained 1/4” BPEL and just under 1/8” EG. Seeing as to how casual my routine was I was really excited. So I increased my intensity just a bit. Two days ago I noticed this swelling string like area just behind the glan and running parallel to it . On top of the shaft maybe 1” to 1 1/2” long. I have read through some injury threads and I think I am describing a thrombosed vein. Or am I describing the Doughnut effect? Its not painful but I can tell its there. I try massaging it and it appears to go down only to come back a little later. I have taken aspirin. Should I stop for a while? If so should I stop until it disappears? Will it disappear? Any comments would be appreciated.

If it’s JUST behind the glans and kinda looks whitish, I think it’s the end of the tunica, that is being pushed and stretched from the kicked up jelqing. I’ve gotten this too, not much to be worried about.

Veins are farther from the glans, and you can see them usually, kinda bluish through the skin.

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Thanks RB.

There’s is no discoloration. Its about 1/8” to 1/4” back from glan when I stretch flacid. Its “ridge” like. Still think that’s what it is?


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