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Question about wrapping

Question about wrapping

I have experimented a little with wrapping.
I have noticed that I can wrap my flaccid length to maximum 6 inches (non-wrap length around 4.9).

So my question is : Shouldn’t having a boner be a much more effective way of ADSing after a stretch session?

I mean, the hardon get to 7.1 inches, the flaccid wrapped to 6. Plus, there is much more blood flow and healing possibilities when erect.

Having a hardon 4 hours after a stretching session, or wrapping 4 hours?

You may be right, but having a boner for 4 hours straight is not possible for most people. If you do have one in fact, you are supposed to go to the hospital to avoid permanent damage (see viagra warnings).

I haven’t really tried to have it 4 hours straight, but I have experienced it many times with 2-2.5 hours of excessive porn watching. Not very healthy on my brain though, hehe.

Why does a long lasting hardon result in permanent damage?? Can’t see why..

The article says that you get Priapism when having hardon for more than four hours WITHOUT sexual stimulation. This is rare, and it also says that it can be caused by some drugs, and the “sickle-cell disease”, whatever that is.

Though, it should not be a problem when you try to provoke a hardon yourself? With sexual stimulation?

Sounds very bad though. “Loss of penis does happen”

Quite the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve here.

Maybe hardon for 1-2 hours then wrapping for 1-2 hours will be the ultimate?

Funny you don’t know about sickle cell anemia and you are from Sweden. It is a disease that only black people get for some reason (I have been to Scandanavia and I know black people are not very common up there)

I think the main risk of priapism is stagnant blood that eventually causes tissue damage due to ischemia (lack of oxygen).
I think I have very long lasting erections during sleep that are not a problem, so normal healthy erections do not seem the same as this disease condition.

Haha, how funny you mention that. I found one black person, and that is my girlfriend. She has that typical black ass you find in MTV movies.
I always thought erection actually promoted blood flow. That is, natural erection. Not that type obtained with constriction methods.

I’ll discard my erection for 4 hours theory and work with wrapping instead :)

But I will start to do my edging excercises right after the stretching sessions.

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