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Question About Stretched Flaccid Measurement In Relation To Erect Length


Originally posted by Prickle
Does anyone think that stretching after jelqing would be a good idea?
I usually do all my stretching beforehand, and have yet to try it after a good jelqing. I would want my penis to stay engorged for as long as possible after a workout, and I think stretching would squeeze all the blood out, so I'm undecided if it's worth trying. Maybe an hour afterwards?

Hey Prickle, I have been doing a second set of Blasters about 2 hours after my jelq. routine. I was kind of seeing if it is beneficial. I have been doing it for about 2 weeks.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Stretching afterward seems to make sense, but I always stretch before I jelq. I wonder if stretching afterwards will hinder any girth gains I might have made from the jelq session…?

Anyways, I just started including squeeze-type of moves into my routine for girth, which is coming slow, so I don’t want to hinder that. Will moves like the Uli and Horse really work for girth so dramatically?

In order to get longer, don’t you need more meat to work with? I like to think of it as a “gather and pull” type of thing… you “gather” up your dick (add girth), then “pull” (stretch that new meat out).

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Originally posted by RB
Something I've been thinking about is that the tunica can only lengthen so far, limited by the ligs. Once this potential is met, further jelqing doesn't seem to give me any more length gains.

RB, I really like your theory. I wonder if a weekly cycling of lig stretch and jelqing exercises might be better than combining both during each daily workout. hmmmm…….

Please keep us informed on your progress!!


1) I do my DLD variant after jelqing — I shower, jelq, then DLD (most efficient use of time). If I am sitting at a computer for awhile, I will throw the hanger on, but at this point I have no formal hanging program.

2) I tried sugaring today — tried for like ten minutes and got one hair. That was pointless. I typically shave or pluck, depending on laziness (shaving does leave an ingrown or two sometimes, and plucked looks cleaner)


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