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How many of you guys have had trouble meeting up with your overall goals because your one of your goals (length or girth) was much quicker to develop then the other?

ie. What if you’ve met (or slightly surpassed) your girth goal, but still want 0.75” more length?

Do focused exercises work well in isolating either length or girth? I remember reading one thread about it on here, but how common is this situation?


hi brother,

do just the extenders about 10 min a day 6 on 1 off a week.

extendes stumulate the lenght and jelq stimlulate the girth.

take care and do it easy it will grow. patience is the key.


Hi! I decided on the standard 8X6 for my initial goal. My girth responded much faster than my length , so I switched to mostly hanging. Well, that did help with length, but my girth continued to increase a little as well. I’m now at 7.25X6.25

If you figure out an answer,please post it. :)

Running a Massive Co-Front.


In my experince it seems that most people not all gain length faster than girth. A lot of guys have a ton of trouble getting girth.
I myself got a fast girth gain and I have been a real slow girth gainer since. I was lucky I started at 5.5 and made it to 6 but in the last year no girth gains except for big time flaccid girth gains.
I’m just about at my goal 8x6 but now I’m thinking 8 nbp that would be 8.25 bp and I would love to gain some more girth .25 or more, 7inch girth would be great. So I think you guys who are getting faster girth gains just take it because you never know they might just stop.

Dino :)

I agree with Dino. Take what you get.

I wanted girth but got more major length increase. However, I was thick to begin with so it evened out in over-all appearance (but I’d have been happy with a “beer can.”)

The interesting thing about PE, and we see it over and over in posts, is that we all have different potentials/speeds for length or girth gain. When I read that guys seem to be a little disappointed to get girth increases, I think they’re off-balance. They probably think the same of me wishing I got more girth than length.

This would all be a lot easier if there were a Thunder’s Trade Forum: OK, Dino, you are looking for another half inch of length. I don’t need or necessarily want all mine. Can we make a deal? You give me .50 in girth and I’ll give you that or more in length?

It should be so easy.



Thanks for your replies guys!

btw, perhaps I should clarify the “example” in my opening post; I personally haven’t even /started/ PE yet, so I’ve yet to surpass -any- goals. The example was entirely hypothetical.

And iamaru: have you considered penis reduction surgery? :D

Re: extender

Originally posted by hak

extendes stumulate the lenght and jelq stimlulate the girth.


What do you base this on, Hak?


hi all,

guiri,please tell me how long have you been in the program,

be patient it will grow.



long enough to see guys who, through jelqing, have gained ONLY length (or minimal girth), and have even stopped jelqing to see how they can gain girth through other methods…ie: squeezes, ulis etc.

And I don’t know if I have missed any posts, but what the hell are “extenders”? Some new Horse exercise for length? Or do you refer to stretches?.


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