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Problem w/ hair on penis shaft



It might be worth reading the instructions on the Immac tube. It may be OK on legs but not in the ‘bikini’ area which is rather more sensitive, Those removers can do nasty burns on very tender skin if used in the wrong place.

At least try it on a small area of skin and see if there is a reaction, before you use it all over.


Immac and Nair are very similar products. Be careful!

I would have to say I have like maybe 10 to 15 little hairs on my shaft about a inch or so, not very noticeable unless in the right light. Girlfriend has not complained and she knows about it, i shave what i can every 2 to 3 weeks. They don’t grow very rapidly maybe a 1/4 inch at most.

Didn’t your grandmother tell you:
“The more you shave hair the more and thicker it grows back”
Now you can never stop shaving your shaft because your hair is going to become your shaft. Then if you later decide to shave again you will have these big hair follicles all over your shaft.

Talking about scaring the heck out of a chick when she goes down on you.


laser shouldn’t be too expensive. It’s not a large area if you’re only doing the shaft. The problems are finding places that will do men’s genitals, and that laser is only effective on brown to black hair. It is not possible to treat red and blonde hair with laser.

I have been tweezing for years, and would have gotten it lasered if I didn’t have blonde hairs.

I have used the Aurora Hair Removal system that employs both IPL and RF to permanently remove unwanted hair.
This is the best system for those who have light colored hair. I am fortunate enough to have a dermatologist friend of mine that has one of these machines and that allows me to use it whenever I want. So, this is the straight dope on lasering away hair in all those nasty areas.stuff that those laser hair removal people won’t tell you.

Everyone will require at least 2-3 treatments as the process is only effective on hairs during their growing cycle. Additional treatment will be necessary to treat other follicles when they re-enter the growth phase and produce new growth. The treatments are usually done at 6 week intervals. I doubt that most people can get away with just 3 treatments unless they have an extremely high tolerance for pain. Not only is that area very sensitive, but it has a very dense concentration of hair follicles, so you might want to start off with low settings, until you thin out the area and can use the higher settings. Prior to your treatment, you have to shave the area that you want “zapped”. Do not pluck the hairs, otherwise there are no “bulbs” to burn.

I decided to use the highest setting that I could withstand, dumb move. A day later and I had a thin scab surrounding my very sore penis. I put Mederma on my poor wiener religiously so as to prevent scarring. When I started working on my testicles, I knew better and used the lowest setting. I would have to be patient, but hell, it doesn’t cost me anything so I can afford to have as many treatments as it takes. Here’s the fucked up part of lasering: It will shrink your pee pee! I don’t know why, but I have a suspicion that the intense heat cooks the meat somehow, making everything tighter. It’s nothing that some PE can’t correct (which in my case it did), but it can scare you initially. The most noticeable shrinkage (IMO) is in length. Expect to lose a 1/4 inch.

Am I glad that I did it? Hell yeah! It’s as smooth as a baby’s butt down there and it looks real clean. If you’re real brave you can treat yourself to a “Brazilian”, you’ll look and feel like a teenager. There’s nothing like having a woman (in my case, you may prefer men) caress your smooth nut sack as she administers some head. You’ll notice the look of admiration in her eyes as she handles your immaculate gear. With a “Damn! You are huge!” coming out of her mouth as she catches a moment to breath, you’ll be set to go.

Careful on the dipilatory creams. *ouch*

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have enough blood to run

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